7 Amazing Winter Holidays for the Entire Family

Saturday 01st Oct 2022 |

There is just something about the winter holidays that puts everyone in the mood for a bit of festivity.

Whether you are planning a winter holiday during the Christmas season, or at some other time from December through February, there are so many enchanting places to take the family.

Some families are looking for fun activities in the snow whilst others are seeking a but of fun in the sun. At any rate, there are dozens of places to go this year, most of which you can find scattered throughout Europe. Here are seven of those amazing places your family will absolutely adore for a winter holiday this year.

1. Ski Holidays in St-Martin-De-Belleville

winter holidayAs an area in the southeast of France, St Martin de Belleville is best known for it’s three different ski slopes with resorts and what has been declared the best restaurant in the French Alps. It is an area of quaint little villages to explore for a bit of shopping and at the holidays it is lit up like a magical fairy land. If you are looking for ski resorts in France with slopes appealing to beginners, intermediate as well as advanced skiers, you can do no better than ski holidays in St Martin de Belleville. To learn more about the various hotels and resorts for ski holidays check out a site that lists all the resorts and booking information so that you can get your holiday booked before they are full. This is one resort area of the French alps that does tend to book early.

2. Edinburgh, Scotland for Christmas Magic Closer to Home

Sometimes booking a holiday package for the entire family can be a bit beyond what an average family can afford in terms of both time and money. This year, why not visit a magical winter wonderland a bit closer to home from wherever you live in the UK? Every year the streets are illuminated with festival lights that beckon to travellers and locals alike. While mum and dad would enjoy the Christmas markets lining the streets, the kiddies would absolutely enjoy all the rides to be found at the Princes Street Gardens. It is a major attraction this time of year and something for the memory books, for sure. Don’t forget to sample a bit of the world-famous Stornoway Black Pudding, an authentic Scottish dish not found in many places elsewhere around the globe.

3. Christmas in Europe 2022 – Berlin, Germany

If you’ve missed Oktoberfest in Berlin, now is the time to experience a bit of traditional folk dancing along with those amazing Christmas lights that adorn just about every street in the city. While there are nearby ski resorts you can visit, most people come to Berlin for the festivities and numerous Christmas markets. Don’t think that the world-famous dark beer won’t be available during this time of year and if you are in the mood for one of their many traditional dishes, you can find wursts and schnitzels in literally every restaurant and street market along the way. Christmas market holidays are a fantastic way to celebrate the festive season, enjoy your meal while listening to local choirs entertain you with their traditional Christmas carolling and you will feel as if you have stepped back in time by many centuries.

4. Grindelwald, Switzerland

GrindelwaldAs another one of Europe’s favourite resort areas, Grindelwald in the Swiss Alps is definitely a place to take the family for a spellbinding Christmas holiday. Whether you are here for a ski holiday at one of the most popular resorts in the Alps or just a bit of fun trudging through snow that lies everywhere, you will simply adore this quaint town surrounded by the snow-capped Swiss Alps. Languages spoken here are German, Portuguese, English and French and the Swiss cuisine is second to none. For a foodie Christmas holiday, this is the cream of the crop.

5. For a Holiday with Plenty of Fun in the Sun – Valletta, Malta

As an archipelago located in the central Mediterranean, Malta is about midway between the North African Coast and Sicily. With a long history of fishing and salt mining from the ocean, Malta is rich in history and something to be explored as both a fun and educational pursuit. It will be warm enough to dive, snorkel or bathe on the lovely sunny beaches so if you are trying to get away from the mountains of snow back home, Malta it is. Even though the weather is warm and comfortable, don’t think that the Maltese don’t light the streets with Christmas joy. To many, the Christmas spirit here is just as warm as the sunny beaches and although they are not the warmest beaches this time of year in the Mediterranean, they sure beat beaches back home where the temperatures are literally freezing!

6. Highly Affordable Christmas Magic in Wroclaw, Poland

This is a Christmas holiday that has lain well-hidden over the years which makes it quite affordable when it comes to booking hotels and restaurants during a traditionally expensive time of year anywhere on earth. That might be what immediately appeals to families on holiday but don’t get it wrong. Wroclaw is as festive as it gets and is full of markets with nooks and crannies to explore. If you get too cold to continue through the streets whilst enjoying the markets, you can warm up in a lovely house that is three-stories tall with shops and place to get a quick plate of pierogis, the traditional Polish dish.

7. Heidelberg, Germany for Christmas in Bavaria

Rounding out our seven amazing winter holidays we’ve selected for you this year is Heidelberg, Germany which lies within the German free state of Bavaria. While travellers continue to debate where the best place to holiday throughout Europe might be, Heidelberg always falls somewhere within the top ten. The reason for this would be the festive Christmas markets that date back centuries. Then there are the cable cars to ride on, a true exciting experience especially for the little people in your group. 

With a castle sitting high above the town to be photographed as a memory not to be forgotten, you will find that you couldn’t have chosen a better holiday stop for your family this Christmas season. As a reminder, Heidelberg is a famous university town as well and at this time of year, you may find the college students out and about adding to the Christmas spirit with little skits and mimes they delight the children with. Don’t forget to get photos of the kiddies around the giant Christmas Pyramid in the middle of town. It’s an experience not to be missed.

If You Must Choose

So, with all these samplings of fantastic places to enjoy a winter holiday for the entire family in Europe, which would you choose? If you had to choose it would be a difficult time because each and every resort and city has something amazing to offer. Take heart though. If you can’t decide where you’d like to take the family this year, there is always the next and the next and the next. It’s Christmas, after all, so let’s enjoy all the fun the locals put on for visitors from everywhere in the world. Have you decided? Where will you be spending the holidays in 2022? 

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