6 Tips For A Successful Summer Shred

Friday 23rd Jul 2021 |

As the weather heats up and everyone pulls their summer clothes out again, the ability to hide unwanted weight gain begins to fade.

For many, this can cause feelings of insecurity and dread, as we all had the best intentions to feel and look our best this summer, but the UK lockdown had other plans for us. 

Fear not, as we have caught up with David Stache, expert nutritionist from Instant Knockout, the all-natural weight management supplement, who offers his expert advice on how you can adapt your goals and reveal a shredded physique this summer.  

Successful Summer Shred – Have a Goal:

When we have a specific goal that we are working towards, we are more likely to achieve it. However, you must try not to fall into the trap of working hard and fast towards one goal and simply letting go of it once you have achieved it. Getting fit and healthy should be a lifestyle choice, which will require small steps over time. If your first goal is to feel great about yourself this summer, consider what your goal will be after that, perhaps a sporting challenge, or wearing a certain outfit for a social event. Tell people your goals and visualise yourself achieving them, the more real it seems the more likely you are to succeed.

Successful Summer Shred – Create A Calorie Deficit:

Being in a calorie deficit is the only way you can ensure you are losing weight and shredding fat, as it means your body uses more energy than you consume from food or drink. There are many ways to create a deficit, but the most important factor is finding the strategy that works best for you, that you can adhere to. For example, you could use strategies such as intermittent fasting, macro counting or increased training volume and intensity. The main thing is that you create a deficit in a way that you can stick to. Weight loss is personal, we all have different circumstances and a way that works for one person, may not work for another. However, whichever strategy is used, the principle of creating a calorie deficit must be present for weight loss to occur. 

Successful Summer Shred

Successful Summer Shred – Prioritise Fresh, Whole Foods:

Whole foods are usually nutrient dense, packed full of vitamins and minerals and generally have a high fibre content which makes them more filling. These contrast from ultra-high processed foods, which lack quality nutrition and yet, are highly palatable and easy to overeat. Overconsuming refined sugars and ultra-high processed foods should be limited as they have a huge impact on inflammation, which can affect your cells and in more extreme cases lead to chronic illness. 

Successful Summer Shred – Increase Your Exercise:

Not only is cardio a great way to lose weight and cut fat, but it can benefit your entire body. Just 20-minutes of cardio per day can help to strengthen your heart, lower blood pressure, build muscle, control blood sugar, and help you to sleep better. Cardio does not have to be mundane running on the treadmill, it could be anything from jumping jacks, squat jumps, or you could even try using a skipping rope if you want a change. 

Successful Summer Shred – Prioritise Sleep:

Successful Summer Shred

While it is easy to put all your fat-loss focus on nutrition and exercise, it’s important not to underestimate the importance and power of sleep. If sticking to your training and nutrition plan is becoming difficult, it may be time to check on your sleep, as recovery occurs during sleep and if this is not sufficient, you will have less energy for training and lower energy levels through day, which can lead to grabbing high calorie and low nutrient snacks. You should be aiming for around 7-9 hours each night for optimal results. To promote a deeper, more peaceful sleep, you could try taking a hot bath before bed, and avoid using any electronic devices within an hour before you try to go to sleep. If you are sleeping right, your body will let you know one way or another. 

Successful Summer Shred – Supplement Smart:

Losing weight and toning up is no easy task, and many find that although they are exercising and eating all the right foods, they are just not seeing the results they want. For this reason, you should try incorporating a metabolism boosting supplement into your daily routine, such as the new and improved Instant Knockout Cut (available to buy from www.instantknockout.com, RRP £35 for 120 capsules), which is an all-natural weight management supplement that will help you shred fat whilst maintaining muscle. 

Designed for those who have been working tirelessly in the gym without seeing any reduction in their body fat, the new Instant Knockout Cut formula combines essential fat-burning and performance enhancing ingredients to speed up metabolism, reduce hunger cravings and increase energy levels. When used alongside a regular fitness regime, just four capsules a day can help you burn unwanted fat during exercise, while utilising the healthy fat you consume for optimum results.  

Stay hydrated this summer