6 Important Tricks All Coffee Lovers Need to Know

Sunday 03rd Apr 2022 |

The average coffee consumer in the US drinks around two to three cups of coffee per day, which amounts to over 400 million coffee cups.

This is in the US alone, while other nations worldwide have a more emphasized coffee drinking tradition, increasing this number to staggering amounts. 

Coffee has been around for hundreds of years, it was known in the Middle East and parts of Asia, South America and Africa long before Europe and later the US. While coffee is abundant in antioxidants and is typically suggested in small amounts, there is some debate about the beverage because excessive use has been related to cardiovascular problems. However, it continues to be the most popular drink on the planet, outnumbering even water.

As a lot of coffee enthusiasts prefer drinking their cup or two at home, there are some things to have in mind to perfect it, and therefore we’ll discuss 6 important tips and tricks coffee lovers should know.

Hitting the right roast

With coffee, it is all about the quality of the beans and getting the right roast. Generally, there are over 100 different species of coffee worldwide, however, the two most spread kinds of coffee drunk by consumers right now are Arabica and Robusta. The Better Sip explains that Arabica is considered as the superior one, as it has a sophisticated taste, is more prone to disease and therefore its preservation is more work and grows on high altitudes.

It is considered more expensive, while robusta is more tolerant to pests, grows in low altitudes, has more caffeine, and has a more bitter and stronger taste. It essentially comes down to your individual preferences but the perfect combination would be a bit of both, and the ratio depends on whether you prefer your coffee to have a little kick (in which case more robusta is better) or more crema and richness in taste (of course, a bit more arabica is the way you should go).

Mild roasts are linked with more acidity while darker roasts give the coffee more oil and richness in taste. However, it decreases caffeine levels. We highly recommend a mild roast as it gives the best of both, it keeps a coffee-like taste and has satisfying caffeine levels. 

For coffee lovers who especially love lattes, try making your froth 

For coffee lovers, the only reason they would consider drinking takeaway over homemade coffee is the lack of proper equipment to make some froth. Espresso machines, even home editions can be a bit expensive and most people are okay with having a cup of mocha at home and maybe a to-go coffee while on the way to work. However, a lot of people love the combo of milk and coffee, leaving you to pay extra for a latte at the local coffee shop. 

There are numerous ways to produce your froth, and it’s not just about saving money; most people prefer handmade froth because coffee shop milk is known to be cooked multiple times before a new batch is prepared. All you need is a French press, which you can get at, full-fat milk with a fat level of at least 3%, and a microwave. Fill a cup halfway with fresh milk, microwave it for a minute or two, then pour the hot milk into the French press and continue to beat it like butter. After approximately half a minute, you should have lovely foam on top of the hot milk, and you’ll have handmade froth ready to pour into your mug. A French press and mocha pot are far less expensive than an espresso machine, and the results are excellent.

Use mineral water 

For the coffee lovers perfect brew, we highly recommend using clean mineral water. The tap water can stain the taste of the coffee as it often contains pollutants or chlorine. It can also contain small amounts of dirt and rust in water pipes and other pathogens messing with the taste. We, therefore, recommend using mineral bottled water or getting a filter to clean the tap water at home. 

Keep your coffee in a dry place 

Coffee, though most are unaware, does not have an expiration date and can sit for long periods. However, other factors can mess with the taste and quality such as the humidity of the air and temperature. We, therefore, recommend storing your beans in a dry place, preferably in an air-tight container, at a mild temperature. It will keep the taste and richness longer this way. 

Grind it till perfect 

Grinding coffee is an art; it’s much more difficult than it appears, and the perfect grind may influence how it tastes afterward. For espresso, a finer grind is ideal since the coffee must be powder-like, whereas, for French press or drip coffee, a more equal grind is preferred for greater flavor and color extraction.

Clean your equipment

Coffee lovers might want to avoid using dishwasher and soap, but cleaning your equipment with water after using it is a must, and the whole “ the longer it stays dirty the better”, is far from the truth and can maybe cause you a stomach ache. 

We hope you’ll find these tips more than helpful in making your perfect batch of coffee!

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