5 Ways To Prevent A Cold; In Less Than 5 Minutes

Friday 05th Feb 2021 |

GP and Medical Broadcaster, Dr Sarah Jarvis shares why we get colds, and the best ways to prevent them at-home before the kettle has even boiled!

‘There are factors which can make us more susceptible to getting a cold. These things include stress, which can increase your cortisol levels, suppressing your immune system, poor sleep, an unhealthy diet, being generally unwell for another reason, lack of sunlight, and the time of year it is.’

Here are the doctor’s orders you’ll want to follow…

5 Ways To Prevent A Cold – Take vitamins

‘Many vitamins and minerals play an important role in supporting your immune system. They include vitamin D, zinc and selenium. Crash diets, a limited diet or eating a lot of junk food leave you open to vitamin and mineral deficiencies.’

5 Ways To Prevent A Cold – Eat potatoes

‘If you don’t have enough vitamin C in your diet – found in citrus and other fruits, peppers, broccoli, brussels sprouts and potatoes, there is a widespread theory that high dose vitamin C supplements could reduce the length and severity of a cold.’

5 Ways To Prevent A Cold – Spray away

‘The throat spray Coldzyme, can cut duration of cold symptoms by half and reduce time off work due to a cold by up to a third. It’s most effective when used when you feel the first symptoms of a cold, for example if someone you are in contact with someone who has a cold or if you are in a contagious environment’

5 Ways To Prevent A Cold – Stay back!

‘Whilst not strictly a “home remedy”, keeping away from people with cold symptoms and washing your hands regularly, (as well as avoiding touching your eyes, nose and mouth with your hands unless they’ve been washed), can reduce your contact with the common cold.’

5 Ways To Prevent A Cold – Echinacea-later

‘There is some evidence that Echinacea can reduce the duration of colds in adults (but not in children) if used early. It is not clear which parts of the Echinacea plant are involved or of what dose you need.’

ColdZyme® Mouth Spray is an easy to use oral spray for common colds that forms a protective active enzyme barrier on the mucous membrane in your throat. Suitable for adults and children over 4 years. ColdZyme (7ml), £10.99  ColdZyme (20ml), £17.50

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