5 Tips When Moving into a New Apartment

Friday 20th Aug 2021 |

Are you gearing up to move into a new apartment? Are you filled with excitement as you prepare to make this transition? 

Well, there is plenty to feel happy and excited about, but there are also some practicalities to prepare for and organise. These will help ensure your move is smooth and that you can settle into your new apartment comfortably. Here’s a look at five tips to remember when moving into a new apartment. 

Moving into a New Apartment – Take the Time to Label Your Boxes 

While it may seem like a chore to label every single box you pack, the fact is that it will make organising and unpacking in the new space so much easier. You’ll be able to place boxes in the correct rooms in your new apartment as you bring them in and then unpack the priority items first. This saves you the trouble of having to rifle through dozens of boxes just to find the items you need. 

Moving into a New Apartment – Spread the Move Out Over a Couple of Days 

If possible, it’s also ideal to spread the move out over a couple of days. This helps to take the pressure off you and allows you to move at a less frantic pace. You’ll be much less likely to forget items, break things in a rush, or feel panicked if you’ve got a few days to work with. 

Moving into a New Apartment – Book the Moving Van Well in Advance 

Chances are you’ll need a moving van of some sort to transport your belongings to your new apartment, so you want to be sure you book one well in advance of the moving date. If you’re on a tight budget, try to arrange to move mid-week rather than a weekend day, as mid-week rates tend to be lower. 

Moving into a New Apartment – Get Quotes for Apartment Insurance 

You’ll also need to look into apartment insurance, which provides you with an opportunity to gather a few quotes and ensure you’re getting the best price available. Keep in mind apartment insurance isn’t the same price with all UK providers, and it will also be based on the size and type of apartment. This is why it makes sense to compare quotes from the leading providers.  

The type of insurance you get and who takes it out depends on a few factors – who the freeholder is if it is a leasehold, what is covered under landlords’ insurance (for rental apartments), and if tenants’ insurance is needed. 

Moving into a New Apartment – Don’t Take What You Won’t Need or Want 

The final tip is to treat this as an opportunity to purge. Before you even start packing tell yourself there is no need to take what you won’t need or want into your new space. This allows it to be a fresh new beginning, free of clutter. 

Moving into a New Apartment – It’s Time to Enjoy Your New Apartment 

Using each of these moving tips will help the move to go smoother and ensure that you get off on the right foot as you move into your new apartment space.  

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