5 Things To Do With Leftover Champagne

Friday 10th Dec 2021 |

Champagne is always a popular choice over the festive season with over 360 million glasses consumed on New Year’s Eve.

However, once we’ve rung in the new year, many people tend to reduce their drinking or cut down all together for dry January.

Therefore, when clearing up on New Year’s Day, many people find themselves with half-drunk, flat, bottles of champagne hanging around.

While it may be tempting to tip this down the sink in lieu of a fresh start to the new year, there’s plenty of ways to use flat or leftover champagne.

As a result, Waste Management experts have pulled together their tips for using yours…

1. Cook with it

Perhaps the most obvious option after drinking champagne, is to cook with it. This is a great option however, as the flavours of champagne work well in a whole host of dishes. Champagne risotto is a popular option as the fizzy drink can make a great substitute for the white wine usually called for in these recipes. In particular, champagne pairs well with seafood or tomato dishes, providing a sweet addition to the tangy fruit.

If you prefer something sweet, try a champagne sorbet. This is a simple enough recipe to make which will provide a great accompaniment to lemon, berry or pear sorbet. Simply blitz your chosen fruits, add to simmering sugar, champagne and water, then place in your freezer to chill.

Lastly, if you have some time on your hands, why not try making champagne vinegar? Pour your champagne in to a jar with apple cider vinegar and water, cover with cheesecloth and leave for 2-3 months in a cool, dark spot. Once the vinegar is ready, strain and transfer to a clean container. Perfect for topping salads or adding to homemade sauces.


2. Freeze it as ice cubes for cocktails or sangria

If you’re not a keen cook, a great option for leftover champagne is to freeze it. By filling up ice cube trays with your leftover fizz, you can hold on to the drink until a later date.

These boozy ice cubes can make a great addition to cocktails too. They work well for a cava sangria in the summer months or can be added to orange juice for a quick, refreshing mimosa.

If you want to add a little vibrancy, try adding any leftover fruits to your champagne ice cubes.

Just remember, the champagne ice cubes won’t freeze as solid as regular cubes so make sure you don’t leave them out too long.

3. Add it to your skincare

While alcohol is commonly thought of as bad for our skin, champagne actually has many beauty boosting ingredients. It contains resveratrol which is a potent antioxidant. Studies have found resveratrol can reduce aging, protect against UV damage, smooth skin, reduce inflammation and have a hydrating effect!

If you do have leftover champagne and don’t fancy drinking, it’s great news, as champagne can be applied to the skin as a toner. Simply chill your leftover champagne, once cool add to a cotton ball and sweep over your face. As alcohol can be drying, remember to follow this up with moisturizer.

Research shows resveratrol can be light-sensitive, so it’s advisable to use your champagne toner in the evening for best results.

4. Clean your shoes with it

While this suggestion may sound ridiculous, polishing shoes with champagne dates back as early as the 1800s. It’s reported that men in 19th century Paris and London used the drink to make their shoes sparkle.

The theory is that alcohol removes excess wax, and if you do decide to give this a try, a dry champagne is best as too much sugar will make the shoes look dirty.

To try this, first remove any dirt and debris, then use a wax to polish the shoes, lastly massage in champagne with a clean cloth to make your shoes sparkle!

5. Rinse your hair with it

Once again, it’s the antioxidants present in champagne that make it useful as a hair treatment. Rinsing your hair with champagne can prevent damage and neutralize free radicals keeping your scalp healthy.

Not only this but the sparkle of champagne will give your hair an instant shine, added volume and a healthy glow.

It’s great news for blondes or those with highlights as the golden colour of champagne will bring out the tones in your hair.

With supermodels such as Cindy Crawford reportedly using the champagne rinse, it’s worth a try.

“While many may be shocked at the concept of ‘leftover’ champagne, after a big New Year’s Eve celebration, over 360 million glasses are drank every 31st December, meaning there’s sure to be some bottles that go unfinished.

After a heavy night of drinking, the prospect of tucking into flat champagne may not sound too appealing. However, rather than disposing of it, there is actually plenty of uses for leftover champagne that don’t involve drinking it.

Whether it’s using it in your beauty regime or whipping up a tasty dish, it’s always better to try make use out of our leftovers than let them go to waste.”

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