5 Super Easy Tips to Get Your Family Eating Healthy

Thursday 02nd Mar 2023 |

Proper nutrition is important for everyone, no matter their age, gender, or size. Although eating healthy can seem really hard at the beginning, introducing healthy habits can be a fun bonding experience for the entire family.

Here are some tips on how to implement healthy changes in your family’s lifestyle.

  1. Nutritionally packed breakfast is the key

family healthy eatingIt is no secret that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Unfortunately, many people either completely skip it or grab something quick on the go. This meal is usually something sugary and easy like all-American pop tarts. We all love them, but are pop-tarts bad for you? Well, it’s better to have something rather than nothing for the first meal of the day, some would say. However, a healthy breakfast of a bowl of oatmeal with some berries, baru nuts and honey is just as sweet, only packed with needed micro and macronutrients which will be a great kick start for your day. With a nice breakfast in your bellies, you will be less likely to overeat on snacks throughout the day.

Add some colour to your plates

family healthy eatingIntegrating fruits and veggies can be great fun for the whole family. Cutting them up in fun shapes can be one of your special activities. If you bulk up your family meals with a variety of colourful veggies, you will all feel satiated for much longer plus you will have a much nicer-looking plate! Additionally, one of the many benefits of incorporating fruits and vegetables into your diet is that they are bursting with vitamins and other micronutrients. Top dietitians have a tip for you – if your children refuse to eat the healthier options, try making it a game! For example, you may make a spreadsheet which you can put up on your fridge where they can tick all of the fruits and veggies they had that day. 

Cook the meals together

Homecooked meals are a much healthier option than having Uber Eats deliveries every night. While food deliveries are more convenient, they tend to be more expensive and relatively nutritionally empty. You can turn preparing nice dinners for your family into wholesome memories every family member will forever cherish. Go with your kids to the grocery store and let them pick and pack the ingredients. When you come home, unpack and label everything. If your children are old enough to read they can read ut the recipe instructions, while the younger ones can hand you the needed kitchen appliances. There’s room for everyone in the kitchen! Plus, the youngest are more likely to enjoy the meal they’ve had a hand in creating.

Turn off the TV

A lot of families have a new member during mealtime – the television. Mindlessly chomping on your dinner while you watch The Bachelorette may seem like a family fun time, but it’s actually not that healthy. We all need to watch some TV trash from time to time, but try not to combine relaxing in front of the TV with your dinners. When you pay attention to the screen and not to the food, you tend to eat way over your satiety levels. This is also the case with kids. Since habits are easily created while we’re young, it is very important to cut the screens out of this equation while we’re young.

family healthy eatingInfused water instead of soda

Sugary drinks such as Coke and Sprite are adored nationwide. However, they are everything but a healthy addition to your meals. Next time you go grocery shopping, skip the soda aisle. Instead, visit the fresh and frozen fruit sections and get some limes, lemons and berries. You can put these into your water bottles to make them look more inviting for both you and your children. We all need some help with hydration!

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