5 Great Ways to Boost Your Sexual Health 

Thursday 12th May 2022 |

About 50% of males and females are not satisfied with their sex life. Whether that’s due to a low sex drive, unhappiness with your own penis size or your partner’s penis length, or struggling to have the amount of sexual interaction that you would hope for, there are ways to fix it! 

Focusing on your sexual health is the most important factor when wanting to increase your libido. Read on for key tips to make your sex life better! 

  1. Focus on Your Diet

Diet plays a huge role in your sex life. If you’re looking to increase libido, focus on consuming more types of food that boost libido or have aphrodisiac properties.  

A few things to add to your diet: 

  • Chocolate 
  • Figs 
  • Avocados 
  • Garlic 

Each of these food items increases the libido by doing something different. For instance, garlic increases blood flow which can help men who have erectile dysfunction. Chocolate promotes serotonin production in your brain which can increase your mood. 

  1. Get in Shape

While being healthier often boosts your mood, getting in shape can also help if you are not satisfied with your penis length.  Since the base of the penis starts at the pubic bone, if there is any bit of fat there, it will make the penis length shorter.  While getting in shape is one way to make it naturally longer, there are other ways as well. See more here if you’re interested. 

  1. Reduce Alcohol Intake

As much as a few glasses of wine may make you feel a bit more sensual, it will actually reduce the amount that you can perform. It can also inhibit your ability to have an orgasm.  Not only is the sex not as good, but there will also be no climax if you drink too much alcohol. If you want to have a drink, limit your intake to one cocktail or one glass of wine. 

  1. Get a Few More Hours of Sleep

Not getting enough sleep each night will drastically affect your sexual health.  If you are often left feeling tired, the chances that you have sex are probably low. If you can take naps to feel a bit more energized, this can help with your overall sex drive. 

  1. Boost Your Self-Confidence

If you are having trouble feeling confident in yourself, your sexual health may suffer. Thinking about your flaws and things you don’t like about yourself will inhibit your ability to enjoy having sex with a partner.  By focusing on what attributes you do have and what you love about yourself, you will be more into the sexual interaction and have a better time.  Boost Your Sexual Health  – Having poor sexual health is one of the biggest culprits for having a decreased libido and sex drive. This can affect your mental health as well as your relationship.  To combat this, make sure you focus on all aspects of sexual health from diet to exercise and sleep to boosting self-confidence. 

Taking an active role in maintaining your sexual health also means staying informed and up-to-date with your status. Regular screenings are a vital component of sexual health, yet they can often feel daunting or embarrassing. Thankfully, with discreet options like Everlywell STD testing, you can check your health from the privacy of your own home. These tests can provide peace of mind or detect an issue early enough to get prompt treatment, which in turn can help maintain both your physical well-being and your intimate relationships.

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