2024 Bedscaping Trends, According to Interior Experts

Monday 22nd Jan 2024 |

As the 2024 unfolds, renowned interior expert at Crafted Beds, Brian Dillon, unveils the top four bedscaping trends for Spring, providing insights into why these styles are capturing the attention of interior lovers.

Summer Beach Hues

The ‘Summer Bedroom’ trend has taken Pinterest by storm with its refreshing baby blue and sandy beige palette reminiscent of beachside tranquillity. The incorporation of natural wood elements enhances the coastal vibe, creating a serene escape within the confines of one’s bedroom. This trend’s popularity is evident in its staggering 200% increase in Pinterest searches in January so far, indicating a strong desire for a relaxed and beach-inspired sleep sanctuary. The soft hues and organic materials effortlessly evoke the essence of a summer retreat, making it a sought-after choice for those seeking a peaceful and calming atmosphere.

Pink and Green Styling

As we transition into spring, the harmonious combination of pink and green takes centre stage in bedroom aesthetics. This delightful colour pairing symbolises the renewal and vibrancy of the season, creating a visually appealing and uplifting atmosphere. 

The trend caters to those who seek a lively and playful ambiance, encapsulating the essence of blooming gardens and newfound energy. Its popularity stems from the desire to welcome the season indoors, allowing the vibrancy of spring to flourish within the bedroom. The pink and green bedroom trend aligns seamlessly with the spirit of renewal and growth associated with the spring season.


Textured Throw Blankets 

As the temperature lingers in the cool range, the textured throw blankets are key as a practical and stylish solution to stay warm while embracing the spirit of spring. Whether they be quilted, waffled, ruffled, or scalloped, these textured blankets add depth and visual interest to the bedroom. The appeal lies in their versatility, offering both functionality and aesthetic charm. This trend caters to the desire for cosy comfort during lingering cold days, while the textured details inject a touch of spring flair, transforming the bedroom into a welcoming and snug retreat.

Brushed Cotton Bedding

Embracing the cosy side of bedscaping, brushed cotton (or flannelette) bedding is gaining momentum in 2024. The soft and velvety texture of brushed cotton provides a tactile experience that adds a layer of comfort to the bedroom. As individuals seek warmth and indulgence during cooler months, this trend offers a luxurious solution. The rising interest in brushed cotton or flannelette bedding reflects a desire for a tactile and sensory experience, elevating the overall comfort and cosiness of the bedroom. It’s a trend that caters to those who prioritise comfort without compromising on style.

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