Scissor Lift Hire

10 Most Common Questions About Scissor Lift Hire Answered

Thursday 26th Oct 2023 |

Starting do-it-yourself, house renovation, and gardening projects may be exciting but also intimidating, particularly if heavy equipment like scissor lifts is involved. For those difficult-to-reach areas, scissor lifts may be really helpful, but it’s important to know the ins and outs of renting and operating them securely. In order to help you make an educated choice, we’ve answered the ten most frequently asked questions about scissor lift hire in this post.

A scissor lift: what is it?

A motorised vehicle with a railed platform that can be hoisted straight up is called a scissor lift. It gets its name from the metal supports that cross and extend to raise and lower the platform, like scissor blades. For tasks like painting, washing windows, or pruning trees that call for working at a height, these lifts are indispensable.

Does Operating a Scissor Lift Require Special Training?

Yes, the right training is necessary to operate a scissor lift. The International Powered Access Federation (IPAF) offers a training course in the UK that addresses how to operate scissor lifts safely. In order to protect both your safety and the safety of others around you, you must complete this course.

What Factors Go Into Selecting a Scissor Lift?

Think about the height you need to reach, the weight of the supplies and equipment you’ll be carrying, and the worksite’s terrain before renting a scissor lift. Make sure the scissor lift can handle the weight and operating height required for your job. You may need a rough terrain model if you’re working outside.

Can I Operate an Indoor Scissor Lift?

Yes, as long as the area has enough ventilation and the floor is strong enough to sustain the lift’s weight and its load, scissor lifts may be utilised inside. Since they don’t release any smells, electric scissor lifts are usually chosen for indoor application.

What Is the Price to Hire a Scissor Lift?

The type, length of rental, and hiring business may all affect the cost of renting a scissor lift. In general, daily rates might be between £100 to £3,000. To receive the greatest rate, it’s a good idea to seek quotations from many hiring businesses.

Does Hiring a Scissor Lift Require Insurance?

Absolutely, insurance is required to cover any possible losses or mishaps that may occur while operating the scissor lift. While some rental firms include insurance in the deal, others can ask you to make your own arrangements. Make sure you get this straight before completing the hiring.

How Should I Exercise Safety When Using a Scissor Lift?

You should put safety first above everything else. Never utilise more weight than the lift can support, and always use the included safety rail and harness. Make sure there are no obstacles in the vicinity of the scissor lift, and make sure to do a pre-use inspection to look for any issues.

Is it Possible to Move the Scissor Lift While It’s Raised?

This is dependent on the scissor lift model. Certain variants—often referred to as “mobile scissor lifts”—may be lifted and lowered simultaneously, while other models must be lowered first. Consult the manufacturer’s instructions at all times.

What happens if the scissor lift breaks down?

Most scissor lifts include an emergency descent mechanism that lowers the platform safely in the case of a breakdown. If you run into any difficulties, get in touch with the rental business right away for support.

Can I Hire a Scissor Lift for a Longer Term?

The hiring company’s policies will determine this. Get in touch with the rental firm right once to talk about extending the hiring term if you need the scissor lift for a longer time than originally planned. Be advised that there might be more expenses involved.

In conclusion, DIY, home, and gardening chores that need for working at heights may be greatly reduced in difficulty by renting a scissor lift. You can get the most out of your scissor lift rental experience by making sure you are properly educated, selecting the ideal model for your requirements, and following safety procedures. Don’t forget to compare prices and don’t be afraid to ask any queries you may have of the hiring firm. When used properly and prepared, a scissor lift can be a great addition to any project.