Buying Beauty Products Online

Your Guide to Buying Beauty Products Online: Tips, Tricks, and Pitfalls to Avoid 

Friday 05th Apr 2024 |

Shopping for beauty products online can be a great way to save money and conveniently get what you need delivered right to your door. However, it also comes with some potential risks and things to look out for. Use this guide to make sure your online beauty shopping experience is smooth, successful, and helps you score the best deals. 

Research Reputable Online Retailers 

The first step is finding trustworthy sites to purchase from. Stick to well-known retailers like Sephora, Ulta, Nordstrom, and drugstore chains like CVS and Walgreens. Check reviews online to ensure satisfactory experiences from past customers. Avoid sites you’ve never heard of before, as they may sell counterfeit or expired products. 

Compare Prices Between Sites 

Beauty products can vary wildly in cost between different online stores. Spend some time price comparing identical items across a few websites before purchasing. You may be surprised to find $10+ differences for the exact same product. Some sites also offer price matching if you find an item cheaper elsewhere. 

Sign Up for Emails and Download Apps 

Registering for store emails and apps is a must for accessing the best beauty deals. Retailers frequently send coupon codes, percentage discounts, and flash sales exclusively to their mailing lists. Apps also provide easy access to current promotions right on your phone. This allows you to quickly look up any available discounts before adding items to your cart. 

Look for Sitewide Sales or Category Discounts 

Keep an eye out for storewide or category sales. Many websites periodically offer percent-off discounts on your entire purchase or reductions on certain beauty departments like makeup, skincare, hair products, etc. Timing your purchases around these recurring sales is an easy way to save big. 

Use Cashback and Coupon Sites 

Cashback sites provide rebates for online purchases at hundreds of retailers. Coupon sites like Upgraded Reviews also compile available promo codes in one place for convenience. Be sure to check these sites when shopping beauty online to earn cashback or find tested coupon codes to apply at checkout. With coupons and discount codes, you can forget about paying full price

Don’t Forget to Factor in Shipping Costs 

One hidden fee of shopping for beauty products online is shipping costs. Make sure to account for delivery charges when calculating the final price of your purchase, especially if you buy from multiple retailers. Many sites offer free shipping thresholds or discounted shipping for joining their membership program. 

Compare Product Sizes and Ounces 

Another important tip is to compare product sizes and volume. One site may offer a 1 oz bottle of moisturizer for $20, while another has a 1.7 oz bottle for $30. Despite the differing prices, the second bottle offers the better value per ounce. Don’t just look at price, but factor in the quantity you’re getting as well. 

Stick to Return Policies and Purchase Protection 

One downside of shopping online is you can’t test or sample products first. Check retailer return policies before purchasing in case you need to send anything back. Pay with a credit card for purchase protection in the event issues arise. And be sure to read up on scam avoidance for sharing payment info online. 

Read Product Reviews from Real Customers 

Product reviews are invaluable when buying anything online sight unseen. Read through recent customer reviews with an eye for any consistent complaints or warnings. This will give you a good sense of quality and performance before your purchase. Just be wary of fake-seeming reviews. 

Smart and savvy beauty shopping online requires a bit more work than store visits. But following these tips will ensure you find legit products at the lowest prices from the comfort of your home. Happy deal hunting!