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Yorkshire Handbag Company – say it with colour

yorkshire handbag company

The Yorkshire Handbag Company takes inspirations from stunning Yorkshire to design handbags, backpacks, clutches and purses perfect for busy women who still want to look stylish.

The latest collection is packed with vibrant shades to bring some colour to your outfit.

We look at how these colours can make you feel and why you might want to pick each shade.


A traditionally sunny and cheerful colour, Yorkshire Handbag’s mustard shade bring a classy pop of colour and is one of their most popular choices.


This bold shade shows passion and confidence. A full outfit in red might feel a bit too far but this red bag can give you the confidence to show a bit of your passionate side.


Classic blue was 2020’s Pantone colour of the year and is said to bring a sense of peace and tranquility while looking forward to things to come. Many stylists recommend blue for job interviews as it can be seen as both friendly and powerful.

Forest Green

Green is a calming colour that can put you in a good mood and is worn by generous and caring people. Yorkshire Handbag’s shade of ‘forest green’ is vibrant but still very easy to wear with many other colours.


Seen as showing creativity, positivity and enthusiasm, orange is another perfect colour option to be brave with using accessories rather than a full outfit.

Yorkshire Handbag Company – Being surrounded by the colourful Yorkshire countryside, there are so many earthy and natural tones which influence the design of a handbag range. The leather used is high quality and the design stylish made for a busy you. So if you are out and about, there is always a Yorkshire handbag which is just the job.


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