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We Love a Skincare Trend: Skip-care!

Sunday 14th Jan 2024 |

Skinimalism was a big trend in 2023, emphasising the importance of simplicity and effectiveness in the daily skincare routine.

Now for 2024, Mavala, the Swiss leading nailcare and skincare brand, has added a little twist to this trend that not only simplifies a skincare routine, but elevates the skincare routine further – say hello to Skip-Care!

Meaning: Skip-Care is the incorporation of multi-use products into a routine, meaning you can skip certain steps as a products already completed that job.

This not only simplifies the skincare process, preventing overwhelming the skin with excessive products, but also addresses multiple facial concerns simultaneously. Plus less products means money saved!

Mavala has a wonderful selection of skin care products that double as both a face cream, mask and an eye cream, please see below:

Skin Vitality Healthy Glow Cream (RRP £26.69)

A powerful antioxidant cream that protects the skin against cell damage caused by environmental aggressors that cause premature aging. Also containing provitamin A ,which offers antioxidant and toning properties, as well as Vitamin C. This cream immediately radiates the skin and under eye area!

Anti Age Pro Chronobiological Day Serum (RRP £42.50)

This day serum has powerful anti-wrinkle effects for both face and eyes, as it protects the skin from daily stresses, moisturises the skin and corrects all signs of aging in just 14 days, a triple whammy! This serum contains chronopeptides which stimulate the skins protective potential, alpine rose stem cells that provide the unique anti-aging property, as well as organic silicium and antioxidants.

Nutri Elixir Anti-Age Ultimate Cream (RRP £31.35)

This cream has an exclusive formula that combines the essential elements needed for skin vitality and youth. This includes Swiss Linseed Oil rich in omega 3,6 and 9 to moisturise the skin with nutri protective lipids and a complex of vegetal oils that not only smooth the skin and reduce signs of aging. And yes you’ve guessed it, its for both the face and eyes!

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