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Valentine’s Gift Guide For Men Under £50

Saturday 13th Jan 2024 |

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and it’s time to start thinking about the perfect gift for that special man in your life. Finding the ideal present can be a daunting task, but fear not, we have put together a guide of goodies that come in under £50 and whilst we aren’t sparing the romance, we aren’t breaking the bank either!

A must have kitchen gadget for 2024, Pasta Evangelists luxurious truffle grinder is game changing.

The truffle grinder (£12), is crafted to elevate your seasoning with a pinch of luxury. It is perfect for using over scrambled eggs, elevating any morning, or use it over fresh pasta for a quick and easy luxury dinner. 

Or, the white truffle butter (£18) can be slathered on toast to incorporate a decadent flavour sensation into every mouthful. If you’re looking to drizzle some sweetness into your mornings, try the new summer truffle honey (£18). 

Upgrade the kitchen shelf with the new Pasta Evangelists truffle sauce (£8) which offers a lavish flavour experience. Comprising black truffle ‘tartufata’, the sauce enhances every dish with its rich, earthy notes. For those seeking the ultimate indulgence, the truffle bundle (£60) is the perfect collection to upgrade your kitchen for 2024, and ensure every meal has a touch of indulgence.


Enough love to go around? The LOVE SELECTION BOX is a flavour-packed selection of everything your heart could desire. This heart-shaped selection box combines popular classics with carefully crafted limited edition flavours, to create the perfect gift for any liquorice lover. The box includes STRAWBERRIES & CREAM, FRUITY CARAMEL, MILKSHAKE, F- DARK & SEA SALT, C- COFFEE KIENI, D- SALT & CARAMEL AND CLASSIC- SALTY CARAMEL. RRP (450g) £40.00 

LAKRIDS BY BÜLOW is on a mission to make the world fall in love with liquorice, a sentiment especially pertinent for Valentine’s Day. After spending endless hours of passion and craftsmanship perfecting fruity flavoured chocolate-covered liquorice delights, LAKRIDS BY BÜLOW encourages you to share the spirit of romance with the LOVE collection. Each delicious piece of the range features limited edition heart-shaped liquorice at the core, creating a sweet surprise for your loved ones.


This year, the LOVE collection introduces a brand new love interest. PEACHES unites sweet notes from juicy peaches with a core of sweet heart-shaped liquorice, all coated in soft white chocolate with a hint of passionfruit. The crispy sugar shell adds a final crunch, teasing your taste buds and leaving you wanting more. 


Inspired by the Danish summer classic, STRAWBERRIES & CREAM is a returning LOVE favourite for 2024. Rediscover the sweet combinations of tangy red strawberries, soft white cream and sweet heart-shaped liquorice. A gourmet white chocolate coating brings it all together for an incredible taste experience of true Danish love. 

RRP Small (125g) £11.00, Regular (295g) £15.00 


Winewizard uses patented new technology which, for the first time ever, successfully replicates the aging and decanting process of wine in just two seconds, creating a demonstrably better-tasting wine almost instantly.

Perfect for any drinking occasion, Winewizard enhances the nuanced flavours and complexities, resulting in a finer, better-balanced wine, with a significantly improved taste and nose, at a fraction of the cost of enjoying an aged wine. Winewizard’s technology also neutralises sulphites, a renowned cause of headache inducing hangovers.

Available from for £49.95, Winewizard will work on up to 80 bottles of wine or around 500 glasses in a single refill. Bundle packages and refill packs also available.

Beard Filler Pencil from Kingpin Beard Co.

A revolutionary addition to grooming essentials, the new Beard Filler Pencil from men’s lifestyle brand Kingpin Beard Co., promises to provide a realistic, sweat and smudge-resistant, fuller beard which lasts all day. In a market flooded with generic grooming products, they stand out for their commitment to quality, innovation, and the modern man’s grooming needs. 

The meticulous design process delivers a weightless feel while achieving a remarkably realistic look upon application, and 100% grey coverage. By understanding the importance of durability in grooming products, Kingpin Beard Co. designed their Beard Filler Pencil, to be long-lasting, for a minimum of 48 hours, allowing those with beards to be able to confidently rely on its consistent performance.

Designed with a four-pronged tool crafted to simulate lifelike hair strokes,  the Kingpin Beard Co. Beard Filler Pencil creates natural-looking beard hair, in even the most intricate and smallest of facial areas. Given the distinct texture of beard hair, using anything excessively dark or thick can result in an artificial and unnatural appearance. Hence, the finite tip of the four-pronged applicator, is offered by  Kingpin Beard Co’s. Beard Filler Pencil precisely mimics the nuances of beard hair.


Bringing the City of Love to London one cup at a time, love is in the air at luxury tea emporium Mariage Frères. With from over 1,000 aromatic varieties of tea on offer, spoil your loved ones this Valentine’s Day. And, with names like Love Story, Sexy Tea and Fall in Love, there’s a tea with your paramour’s name on it!

The Mariage Frères range is available to order for nationwide delivery and purchase at Mariage Frères’ flagship in Covent Garden or in Selfridges London.


A hymn to love in all its forms, this blue tea holds an aroma of almond and rose, beautifully packaged in a red, white and blue tin.  Also available as a green tea and black tea.

£27 / 90g


Express your love with this gourmet black tea housed in its stunning canister. Love Story is an alluring black tea consisting of fruity and flowery scents.


This intensely fruity black tea charged with extravagant red berries is bound to make anyone blush. Très sexy!£27 / 90g

£27 / 90g


This oolong tea is enough to make you ooh-la-la with sweet, delicate hints of crème brûlée. Part of the Fall in Love collection, this indigo tea is truly eye-catching. 

£27 / 90g

DIRTEA’s Cordyceps mushroom powder

With greater energy levels comes greater endurance, making DIRTEA’s Cordyceps mushroom powder  a favourite amongst those looking to increase stamina and resilience in exercise and everyday life. Whether you’re upping your fitness goals, or you simply want to feel fantastic all day long, this mushroom will help you go the extra mile.  Known to support energy production by helping oxygen flow through the body, it’s a firm favourite amongst those in need of a natural surge. Keep tiredness at bay with boundless energy, courtesy of daily DIRTEA Cordyceps.


Diem – A Fragrance Revolution 

Traditionally, people are gifted with a fragrance they already have, which is impersonal. Or they are given a scent they may not love. Offering the perfect gifting experience, Diem allows you to offer an experiential gift as well as a beautiful one.  For a giftee new to the world of eau de parfum and colognes, or a partner wanting to try something new, the discovery sets make it a no-risk gifting choice for the customer. It’s then simple for them to narrow down their go-to notes and type of scents – putting the person in receipt of the discovery set in control of the gifting experience.  

With Diem, you’re able to introduce your loved one to not only a fragrance they’ll enjoy wearing over and over, but a brand that will offer flexibility to change things up if and when they want to. Diem allows the sender to pre-pay for the gift of scent by giving the recipient a discovery set, allowing them to sample the scents and then once they have found the scent they love, they simply go online and use their voucher to get their chosen scent sent directly to their door.

The brand launched in November and is available at A discovery set with a personal voucher to purchase a 30ml bottle is just £48.

Organic Greens, £34.95

A carefully blended, high quality combination of the most nutrient dense organic green “superfoods” available, this powdered drink formula can provide an effective and cost efficient way to increase your daily intake of these important nutrients. Available in orange and lime flavour or flavourless.

Creatine Monohydrate, £34.95

For fitness fanatics and gym lovers, Creatine Monohydrate is perfect for a short-term, high-intensity power boost. Due to creatine’s role in the body’s metabolism it is able to increase muscle performance and high-intensity resistance exercises during sports such as weightlifting, sprinting and bicycling. There is 1G of creatine per capsule.

CALM, £18.95

A blend of relaxing natural ingredients including Ashwagandha, Magnesium, and L-Theanine, as well as lemon balm extract, lavender extract and valerian extract, CALM is the perfect gift for those who wish to relax their body and quiet their mind.

Urban Gift Card – The Perfect Valentine’s Treat for Him

Give the gift of wellness and relaxation this Valentine’s Day with an Urban Gift Card. Whether he’s stressed out and in need of a relaxing massage, or requires a physio session after a strenuous gym workout, Urban offers a range of therapeutic services. Delivered directly to his home, Urban’s professional massages, including Deep Tissue and Sports or Physio Sessions are perfect for enhancing his well-being and showing how much you care. With over 350,000 five-star ratings on massage alone, Urban is a cult secret for fans of self-care. Order now on the Urban App or by visiting

Nikka from the Barrel / 50cl

Nikka from the Barrel (51.4% ABV) is Nikka’s flagship whisky and the best-selling whisky from Japan in Europe. The blend is made by Nikka’s team of skilled blenders and contains approximately 60% grain whisky and 40% malt whiskies, most of which come from Nikka’s distilleries – Miyagikyo and Yoichi. The whiskies are aged for an average of 10 years, expertly blended, then married for 3-6 months in barrels and bottled straight ‘from the barrel’. It is a deliciously, well-balanced whisky with notes of dried fruit, honey, coconut, winter spices, apple, smoke, and vanilla which is best served neat or over ice to showcase its flavours and richness.

The Guard Bridge

A new Blended Malt Whisky, The Guard Bridge has a unique blend of aged single malts including Eden Mill’s single malt, expertly selected and married by the head distiller, Scott Ferguson.

Inspired by the original 15th century six-arched Guard Bridge that connected St Andrews with its old trading port of Guardbridge, the whisky has a mellow oaky spice and light sherry fruit, finishing with a sherried fruit and light warm gingerbread flavour that’s ideal for Christmas time.

Price: £45

Availability: Eden Mill’s website:

NEW amigo Coffee Bean Grinder from Melitta UK

Coffee Bean Grinder

With a holding capacity of 60 grams and equipped with two high-quality stainless-steel blades makes it very simple to use, especially as it allows full control of the grinding process by holding down the button until the coffee beans are ground to the fineness required. What’s more, the transparent lid allows users to keep an eye on the ground coffee during the easy-to-use grinding process – giving you all the aroma and taste of freshly ground coffee at home.

Available via / – RRP £36.99

Pucker up with Peppersmith!

Peppersmith Mints, Gum & Pastilles are bursting with 100% natural flavours.

From Lemon Mints and Strawberry Pastilles to refreshing Peppermint Mints and Gum, the natural flavours include peppermint and spearmint oils, eucalyptus, Sicilian lemons and delicious strawberries, giving you banging flavour, freshening up your breath and caring for your dental health all in one!

Peppersmith Taster Pack £16.99 from

Prestige Hampers Country Cheese Basket

The most scrumptious basket of savoury and artisan cheese goodies. It includes some of the finest chutneys and cheeses. Perfectly paired with Orkneys Oatcakes and Sweet Apple Chutney. Also included is a specialty Dorset smoked cheese, along with a delectable matured cheddar blended with luxury truffles.