Tik Tok romantic destinations

Top 10 most romantic destinations according to TikTok 

Tuesday 13th Feb 2024 |

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, new research reveals the most romantic destinations according to TikTok. 

The travel insurance experts at Loveit Coverit dug into TikTok to see which of over 100 scenic spots had the most proposal posts. 

By searching “#place+proposal”, “#place+marryme” and “#place+engagement” for 134 picturesque destinations on TikTok, they calculated which spots had the most posts where someone popped the question.

Top 10 most romantic destinations

Swooping in with over double the posts of its closest competitor, Paris takes the top spot for the most popular place to pop the question, with a whopping 2,410 TikTok posts. 

Though Paris takes the cake, Santorini still inspires its fair share of postcard-perfect proposals with 544 posts. The Greek island’s sun-soaked cliffs and azure waters set the stage for many heartfelt “marry me” moments.

Nashville charms its way into the third spot with over 350 marriage proposal posts. Sydney and Lake Como round out the top five, virtually neck and neck with 355 and 349 posts respectively.

In sixth place is Bali, Indonesia where 330 couples decided to take the plunge. And in seventh is Vancouver, Canada with 290 proposal posts. Next is Tulum, Mexico where 207 couples posted proposal videos. 

Bottoming out the top 10 is Charleston, South Carolina and Melbourne, Australia with 193 and 135 posts respectively. 

A spokesperson from Loveit Coverit commented on the study, “They say ‘when in Paris, do as the Parisians do’ – and based on our data, that means popping the question along with the other 2410 couples we spotted on TikTok! Between the Eiffel Tower selfies and sweet shots on the Pont des Arts, Paris really lives up to its city of love fame.” 

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