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Tips for installing double glazing in your home 

Monday 12th Sep 2022 |

There is a reason why many people prefer double glazed windows. For one, they provide twice the insulation as single glazed windows.

This means lower energy bills, which is especially important as average annual energy bills are expected to hit £3,600 this winter. They also reduce noise pollution and replace rotting frames to modernise your house.

That being said, double glazing is definitely worth the investment. If your credit score isn’t as good as it should be, you could consider an interest-free credit account. And to help get you started, we’ve listed below a few tips for installing double glazing window Bristol.

Shop around for the most suitable supplier 

Start off by hitting the internet, finding suppliers in your area, and checking their reviews. After that, contact your preferred ones asking for quotes. The market is competitive and you’re likely to land a good deal – if you’re feeling brave you may even be able to drive the price down further by haggling!

Ensure ease of access both inside and outside

Once you’ve found a supplier and the installation date arrives, clear the way for the contractor from your main gate to the site. These windows are quite heavy, so they’ll need to have them close. Sweep paths and remove all obstacles to avoid tripping.

Protect surrounding flooring and nearby furniture

It’s important to use plastic dust sheets to protect the flooring and nearby furniture. Replacing windows can cause quite a mess, and you don’t want your flooring to get scratched or your furniture to get dusty.

Considering DIY? Ensure you’re able to safely remove the old windows

If you’re willing to do the job yourself, safety must be your priority. We couldn’t stress this enough: Remove anything that poses a tripping hazard. Broken glass, especially when there are toddlers, is very dangerous – and, of course, you don’t want to get hurt.

Throughout the process, make sure you secure your ladder firmly.

Make sure you get the right measurements

You can save a significant amount of cash by installing double glazing yourself. However, before you buy new black steel windows, it’s important to be meticulous while taking the measurements. Of course, take the material into account as well.

Things to take into account when going down the DIY route:

Start with the smaller windows first. This will provide some training before you tackle the bigger windows in main rooms. It should also either give you the confidence to do the job or inspire you to contact a supplier.

Fitting uPVCu window frames is different from fitting wooden ones, so if you want window frames, get help from a supplier.

Remember to avoid resting glass-sealed units on edge on concrete. You don’t want them to crack when you handle them.

Only a professional can tackle bow or bay windows.

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