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These are the top 10 party destinations across Europe 

party destinations across Europe 

The top party destinations across Europe have been revealed, with Spanish resort Benidorm taking first place. 

The experts at Winstons Beds have released their 2024 party index, analysing data to reveal which location is best for those wanting an unforgettable summer adventure.

They factored in the price of a pint, the cost of accommodation, the highest temperatures in June and the number of clubs in the main party districts.

The price of a cappuccino was also considered for those seeking a caffeine boost the morning after a heavy day of partying. 

Topping the list as the best party location is Benidorm with 30 clubs to choose from and cheap accommodation and pint prices.

Here, partygoers can enjoy a pint for just €2.25 and the average cost of accommodation will only set them back €67 per night. 

Earning the silver medal is Ayia Napa in Cyprus which is set to have the highest temperatures in June at 30°C. Ayia Napa also scored well for the price of a pint (€2.76) and accommodation (€69.96 per night).

Surprisingly, Ibiza, which is a world-renowned party hot spot, only made it to eighth on the list. 

The party destination has 34 clubs to choose from, the most out of all of the destinations. However, it is also one of the more expensive locations with the cost of a pint coming in at €3.50 and accommodation being over €200 per night. 

Despite the high costs for accommodation and booze, Ibiza ranked as having the cheapest price for a cappuccino at just €2.67, perfect for those who need a caffeine boost after a heavy night out.

Ibiza experiences temperatures of just 26°C in June which caused it to drop in the rankings.

Tenerife also ranks low for temperatures during June but its €2 pints and 28 clubs in the area of Playa de Las Americas have shot the party destination to third place.

This may explain why Tenerife has been such a popular spot for tourists to visit over recent years which has led to thousands of locals protesting for a cap on visitors to the island.

Magaluf in Majorca and Laganas in Zante made the middle of the list, with Split in Croatia following behind in sixth place.

The Greek Islands of Kos and Crete ranked seventh and ninth with Kardemenia and Malia being popular hotspots for party goers to visit.

Kos even made the top of the list for the lowest cost of accommodation but suffered in the rankings due to the cost of a pint and the number of clubs.

The island is also the most costly when it comes to the price of a cappuccino. Party goers will have to pay €4.33 if they’re looking for a caffeine boost in the morning.

Coming in tenth place is the coastal town of Saint-Tropez in France, primarily due to its pricey beer and accommodation.

Those visiting can expect to pay over €400 per night in a hotel and €5 for a pint of beer.

It’s also forecasted to have the lowest temperature in June (24°C) compared to others on the list for those wanting to soak up the sun before a heavy night out on the town.

Rebecca Swain, from Winstons Beds, said: “We want partygoers to have a trip of a lifetime where they can paint the town red and get a good night’s rest without worrying about the costs of a pint of where they’re staying.

“We’ve looked at some of Europe’s favourite party destinations to visit including famous strips in Playa De Las Americas in Tenerife as well as Ibiza Town which welcomes millions of tourists every year.

“It’s no surprise that Benidorm ranked so well in the list as it’s well known for its exhilarating nightlife and cheap hotel rooms.

“However, we were shocked that Ibiza ranked so low despite it being one of the most famous destinations to visit for a party.

“While it ranked top for the number of clubs, it polled poorly for its costs of beer and accommodation and the lower temperatures in  June.

“Each of these locations is a fantastic place to visit over the summer but make sure to factor in whether it’ll burn a hole through your pocket.”


Country/AreaPrice of a pintCost of accommodationHighest tempN.o of ClubsPOINTSTiebreaker – price of cappuccinoFINAL RANKING
Benidorm, Spain£2.25€67.2026°C3014 1
Ayia Napa, Cyprus€2.76€69.9630°C816 2
Playa de las americas, Tenerife€2.00€81.9325°C2821 3
Magaluf, Majorca€3.00€76.4027°C1722€2.824
Laganas, Zante€3.50€71.8028°C1722€3.755
Split, Croatia€3.50€75.4826°C2224€1.836
Kardemenia, Kos€4.50€57.9927°C624€4.337
Ibiza Town, Ibiza€3.50€220.9226°C3426€2.678
Malia, Crete€3.25€69.0426°C626€3.62 9
Saint-Tropez, France€5.00€431.7224°C738 10

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