The real 0.0%: Sea Change launch alcohol free sparkling wine

Wednesday 12th Jul 2023 |
More than one-third of Brits cut down on alcohol since January, according to recent survey findings published last week. With non-alcoholic drinks on the rise, Sea Change offers two excellent alternatives: Alcohol-Free Sparkling bottle and Alcohol-Free Sparkling cans. Sea Change Free stands out as a genuinely 0.0%  award-winning beverage.
Made from Glera grape, the same variety used in Prosecco, these wines are elegant and refreshing, making them a perfect and accessible alcohol-free drink. The bright straw-gold colour of Sea Change Free gives a clue of what is to come: hints of elderflower, crisp apple and summer mint set the taste buds alive. Free’s production method creates a natural, sparkling beverage with no artificial additives or colouring. With only 27 calories per 100ml serving, Sea Change Free lets us enjoy sublime taste lightly.

Sea Change Free has won a number  of prestigious awards, including Bronze Drinks Business Global Wine Masters and Bronze International Wine and Spirit Competition. Most recently, it was commended in the World Alcohol-Free Awards 2023.


Most alcohol-free drinks are made using the same techniques as traditional wine, followed by de-alcoholisation via a chemical process. This subsequently affects the taste and alcohol content (up to 1.2%). With Sea Change Free, the approach is different – the grapes are picked early and chilled so they never ferment. Therefore, they require no chemical interference. Sea Change Free is a real 0.0% drink that everyone can enjoy, including those who are unable to drink due to medical reasons.

Purchase Sea Change Alcohol Free Sparkling wine here for just £10.99