The Brow HQ Lamination Kit; We Love this!

Monday 19th Apr 2021 |

Brow HQ Lamination Kit offers the absolute best results for all skin and hair types, having the gentlest mix of active ingredients combined with nourishing extracts to keep the hair and skin in great condition during and post-treatment. 

Brow lamination should last anything from 4 to 8 weeks and Brow HQ’s pro tips to keep those fluffy brows nourished and stronger for longer…

Brow HQ Lamination Kit


A spoolie brush used dry is perfect for exfoliating brows each day. Before you apply your Keratin or oil, give your brows a little rub through with your dry brush to exfoliate, remove the dead skin cells and stimulate circulation. This will keep both skin and hair clean and healthy. 


Use the Keratin conditioner in your lamination kit daily for 7 days post-treatment. This should be combed through the brows using a spoolie/ disposable brush morning and night.

Brow HQ Lamination Kit


When combing through your laminated brows be sure to comb them in the direction of the hair growth, comb at least twice a day to stimulate circulation and style those hairs to perfection. 

Finish and Clean 

Using finishing products such as Skinny Brow Pencil to add texture and fill in gaps. Brow soap or gel can also hold hairs in place, finishing your brows to perfection.  Make-up and brow styling products can be used 48hrs post lamination and should be cleaned off at night using a gentle cleanser or make-up remover.


When you have used all of your nourish/keratin solution, nourish your brows daily. Nourishing brows conditions the hair stimulates new growth, keeps hair and skin shiny, healthy and super strong. We suggest nourishing your brows at night with oil (castor oil, argan oil or coconut oil) 

You can use the Brow HQ Lamination Kit every 6 weeks on healthy brows for all year round fluffy brows. 

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