Tajin: The Mexican Seasoning Sent from the Gods

Monday 19th Feb 2024 |

With National Margarita Day just days away, we’re celebrating the best food and drink Mexico has to offer – and what better way to kick things off than with the Rolls Royce of Mexican seasoning brands. Tajin. 

From humble beginnings in the mid-1980s, to becoming one of Mexico’s most recognised exports, it’s a wonder the brand has taken so long to hit big in the UK. Perfectly blending chilli peppers, lime and salt, Tajin Clasico is defined by a sublime zestiness with a warming chilli kick. 

It also happens to be incredibly versatile. Whether you sprinkle it on your fish tacos, mix with oil to marinate your chicken fajitas or add a dash to your tomato soup, it adds an irresistible burst of flavour. 

Due to its saltiness, Tajin Clasico also makes for an excellent seasoning for the rim of your margarita glass. We added it to our classic lime juice and triple sec blended margaritas, which went down a storm. 


Available in a 142g bottle (also in low-sodium format) , a handy mini bottle 10 pack, and sachet box from Mexgrocer, you can enjoy the taste of Tajin at home and on the go. Seek it out at the brilliant MexGrocer.  

For those that like it spicy, Tajin Habanero adds the unmistakable flavour of ground habanero chillies to create a fiery blend that adds heat to your food. Try adding it to the rim of your Mango and Chilli Tequila Margaritas and give your taste buds a real workout.
For something a little different, Tajin Chamoy Liquid offers up a sweet, fruity and subtly spicy flavour profile which goes down just as well doused over French fries as it does added to Mexican soups or fajitas.