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STEAMCREAM; A whole body moisturiser from Japan

Skincare by Steamcream is a whole-body moisturiser for face, body and hands. Handmade in small batches in Japan, using high-quality, natural ingredients fused together by a shot of pure steam.

This innovative Pure Steam Process makes the cream extremely lightweight and fast-absorbing, providing long-lasting hydration.

Making skincare simple – Steamcream has produced just one product since 2007 …. Until now…………

Rather than using mechanical emulsifiers to blend its products, Steamcream uses a very unique Steam Emulsification Process to emulsify the cream, a method dating back to 18th century France. This valuable yet time-consuming process of emulsifying with steam is reproduced in small batches by hand, by Japanese artisans. 

Steamcream’s extensive research discovered that the power of steam better preserved the ingredients’ beneficial properties and produced a moisturiser that is light on the skin, effective and gentle for both the face and body. Skin never feels overloaded with product. Using pure steam to gently emulsify a colloidal oatmeal water infusion with a blend of cocoa butter, almond oil and jojoba oil, the larger, loose molecule emulsification allows the cream to be quickly absorbed by the skin, boosting the skin’s natural barrier to retain its all-important moisture. In addition, the fragrance, a natural blend of 100% pure essential oils, is added when the cream has been cooled so does not suffer any heat damage.

Steamcream products are 100% vegan-based, meaning its products are animal and planet-friendly.

NEW FOR 2021: Steamcream is excited to reveal a new skincare chapter in its story – the launch of the Moisturise, Protect and Support Lines, providing a simple approach to everyday skincare.

In keeping with their dedication to Making Skincare Simple, Steamcream has three key pillars:


The first pillar and the heritage of Steamcream. Made using our hand-pressed oatmeal infusion, steam-emulsified with almond oil, jojoba oil and cocoa butter, they blend four essential oils (lavender, neroli, chamomile and rose) at skin-balanced levels to maximise efficacy, and be gentle on the skin. The light, delicate cream hydrates and soothes, providing you with moisturised, smooth skin on your face, body and hands. Since launch, Steamcream’s artisans have created a host of handcrafted collectible, recyclable tins, to allow you to choose your favourite design. 

NEW FOR 2021: NEW 7 Seasons line

Based on the formula of the much-loved Steamcream, each of the seven moisturisers have been developed to harness the power of key natural ingredients and essential oils to support the skin’s specific needs during seasonal transitions.

FIRST LAUNCH – STEAMCREAM JAPANESE CITRUS FOR SUMMER 2021 – see attached for further information


The Eucalyptus & Tea Tree Series was launch during February 2021 – consisting of the Eucalyptus & Tea Tree Cream and the Eucalyptus & Tea Tree Mist, both specifically designed for use on your face. Eucalyptus & Tea Tree Cream – a unique membrane-like formulation which traps pollen and other environmental allergens, as well as soothing and protecting skin from mask-chafing. Eucalyptus & Tea Tree Mist – alcohol free, it relieves the discomfort of nasal itching and congestion caused by hayfever and other environmental allergens. 


Within the third pillar, Steamcream delivers supportive skincare to maximise the benefits of our Moisturise and Protect products. The Cleansing Balm is made with the same blend of four essential oils as the Original Moisturiser, harnessing the power of almond oil, sugar squalane, grapeseed oil and oat kernel oil to glide like silk while softly conditioning and moisturising the skin. The Toner blends aloe vera, oat kernel extract and essential oils to give your skin a burst of hydration before moisturising, so your skin better absorbs your moisturiser. It also helps to minimise the appearance of pores, temporarily tightening the skin, leaving it radiant and firm. 





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