Six Moves to Sculpt Your Glutes in Time for Summer with Rachael Sacerdoti

Monday 19th Feb 2024 |

Achieve the beach-ready booty of your dreams with the new HIIT the Butt workout from leading PT and nutrition coach Rachael Sacerdoti.

If you’re looking to achieve a toned and sculpted bottom in time for beach days and pool parties look no further than Rachael’s perfectly honed booty workout. Founder of the It’s So Simple wellness method, Rachael shares the secret formula to an impeccable derrière with her top firming, sculpting and lifting moves.

I constantly receive inquiries about how to achieve a fabulous-looking bottom,” says Rachael. “Working your glutes is crucial at any age, and I firmly believe that everyone can attain a firmer posterior. The ‘secret’ lies in consistency and introducing weights into your workout,” she adds.

Emphasising the benefits of strength training, Rachael unveils the key to building your glutes faster is to master progressive overload. “By consistently pushing yourself beyond your previous workout, your muscles will continuously adapt and grow.” She recommends her clients start with lighter weights (using their own bodyweight) and gradually increase by a kilo (500g) each week. According to Rachael, “This is where the real magic happens.”

Rachael Sacerdoti

For a toned summer bottom worth flaunting, follow Rachael’s new HIIT the Butt routine three times a week with a 30-second break between each round. 

24 x Rainbows

12 x Step Out (each side)

12 x Curtsy Lunge to Leg Raise (each side)

12 x Clam to Kick (each side)

20 x Inner Thigh Pulses (each side)

12 x Lunge to Leg Left (each side)

Rachael’s Top Three Tips to Maximise Your Gains

  1. Progressive Overload. Once you have your form down to a tee, begin to add weight or up your reps by one each time.
  2. Form is everything. Like all exercises, perfecting the move and ensuring your form is on point is vital to reap the benefits and see real rewards. When it comes to using weights, your technique should be your number one concern. Lifting incorrectly will compromise your workout and can lead to serious injury. This will also knock your confidence and your enjoyment of the workout. Slow your movements down, and always work out in front of a mirror if possible.
  3. Fuel your body with high-quality protein post-workout. Brilliant for aiding muscle repair and recovery, when strength training, you should up your daily protein intake to over 100g for major gain.

Offering a wealth of exercise routines on her IG, along with quick recipes and expert health and wellness tips, Rachael and her company It’s So Simple is fast becoming the method of choice for those looking to make long-lasting lifestyle changes. For all enquiries visit or IG

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