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Self-indulgent Beauty Buys

Show yourself some love this Valentine’s Day with these self-indulgent beauty and wellbeing buys

Love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Whether you’re sharing it with someone special or flying solo, there’s no better time to show yourself some love. What better excuse to take some time out to treat yourself than on the day of love?

Self-care may come easier to some more than others but taking a mindful moment to pay attention to you can be an asset to yourself, and those around you.

Self-indulgent Beauty Buys – Start by creating a relaxing ambience

Creating a relaxing atmosphere by paying attention to all the senses is the first step to pampering yourself. Aromatherapy has long been associated with having a positive effect on the body and science has shown that the natural chemical compounds found in essential oils can also impact the mind. Scent’s holistic impact on the mind means it is capable of helping to trigger emotional reactions, which is why certain scents can make us feel calm, happy or relaxed. First, choose your essential oils. The Alexandra Kay Me Time Scents set – £45 (3 x 10ml essential oil blends) is the perfect starter kit. This trio of 100% natural essential oils can be used to boost positivity, calm feelings of anxiety and support sleep. Whether you inhale, massage with a carrier oil or vaporise, these 100% natural blends will create a deliciously calming atmosphere. We recommend using with the Alexandra Kay Time To Breathe Ceramic Diffuser – £75. This ceramic diffuser emits a fresh, fine mist of essential oil blends at the touch of a button, while the heatless ultrasonic vibrations preserve the therapeutic properties of the essential oils. The added soft LED light gently glows to add ambience to your space.

Self-indulgent Beauty Buys – Run yourself a relaxing bath

There’s nothing more relaxing than a soak in the tub. Mix a few drops of your chosen essential oil to Green People’s Scent Free Shower Gel/Bath Soak and add to your bath will really help you to lay back and switch off. The Alexandra Kay Time To Relax Essential Oil Blend – £20 (10ml) is the perfect choice to help unwind the mind and help the body to relax. Blended with 10 100% natural essential oils including Patchouli, Vetivert and Lavender, just a few drops in a warm bath will help you ease into a state of total relaxation.

Self-indulgent Beauty Buys – Treat yourself to a body massage

After a long soak, take time to treat yourself to a full-body massage using one of the Alexandra Kay Body Oils (100ml). For tired muscles, choose the Alexandra Kay Time To Ease Muscle Relax Body Oil – £29.00 (100ml), a relaxing herbal blend that is perfect for massage. Combining phyto active CB2-Skin™ Biofunctional with pure plant actives that have pain-relieving properties, this blend works to ease muscular tension. Ginger and Black Pepper provide warming heat relief while Peppermint and Eucalyptus soothe and calm. For those with sensitive skin, reach for the Alexandra Kay Time To Soothe Scent Free Body Oil – £28.00 (100ml). This soothing, moisture-retaining body oil features a nurturing blend of pure plant actives and the patented phyto active CB2-Skin™ Biofunctional to restore calm and peace to the skin. Naturally scent-free, it can be mixed with Alexandra Kay essential oils should you wish to create your own scent.

Self-indulgent Beauty Buys – Take time for a facial massage 

With busy mornings and late nights, it’s not often we take time to treat our face to a dedicated massage. For an enriching treat, reach for the Age Defy+ Cell Enrich Facial Oil – £38.00 (30ml). This powerful blend of skin nutrients, antioxidants and organic actives not only restores elasticity, promotes cell regeneration and smoothes fines lines and wrinkles but also delivers on the touch test too, leaving skin beautifully soft! The unique blend of active ingredients work in synergy to deliver skin clarity and brilliance for a more youthful complexion. Use with Green People’s Obsidian Gua Sha Facial Massage tool – £15.00 – a heart shaped, natural massage stone to relieve facial tension, puffiness, congestion and improve skin firmness.

Self-indulgent Beauty Buys – Apply a face mask

Once you’ve cleansed and massaged your face, it’s time to apply a nourishing face mask. The Age Defy+ Hydra Glow Sleep Mask – £35.00 (50ml) can be applied and left on overnight. You’ll wake to revitalised, deeply moisturised skin that feels plumped and youthful. Enriched with 35 beauty-enhancing actives, it is formulated with 91% certified organic ingredients including Green Macro Algae to stimulate collagen production and Caesalpinia Spinosa for intense hydration.

Finish with a pampering foot treat

Before you hop into bed for the most blissful night’s sleep, don’t forget to pay your feet some attention. The Green People Deodorising Prebiotic Foot Cream – £14.00 (50ml) is ideal for those who spend long hours on their feet. A natural, cooling cream with Peppermint and Eucalyptus, it works to nourish dry skin and soften cracked skin with moisture-binding Shea Butter and Sunflower Oil. Made with 87% certified organic ingredients, the three-way natural deodorising action will neutralise all sign of foot odour.

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