Himalayan Bath Salts

Refresh for the New Year with Westlab’s Himalayan Bath Salts!

Sunday 17th Dec 2023 |

The search for ‘detox methods’ has seen a breakout surge on Google Trends, as individuals are preparing for a refresh in the new year after all the wonderful Christmas indulgence.

Westlab, the UKs leading bath salt brand,  has the perfect product that combines detoxifying with some self-care to allow for a blissful and revitalising start to the new year!   

Himalayan Bath Salts (RRP £7.69/kg) – These bath salts naturally detoxify the body using Himalayan salt, the purest salt on earth. Rich in essential skin minerals magnesium, sodium and potassium, Himalayan Salt naturally detoxifies the body and gently deep-cleanses while protecting the skin’s natural barrier. Leaving the body and mind feeling refreshed, and skin looking radiant!

These salts are part of Westlab’s Soak & Save Subscription service, which offers a saving of 20% on a 10kg bag of Himalayan Baths Salts. This subscription allows reduce waste, as this results in a 50% reduction in the amount of plastic used compared to purchasing the 1kg bags. Providing flexible frequency and the ability to pause or cancel anytime, the subscription service saves members both time and the hassle of repeat ordering!