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The Rise of Outdoor Training – By Sam Gregory, Head Trainer and Co-Owner of F45 Stratford

As lockdown restrictions ease, we are witnessing outdoor training becoming increasingly popular. Fitness concepts are already beginning to offer this as an option for people to start getting back involved in group training, prior to them being allowed into studios. For example, at F45, we are offering ‘F45 Track’, which are outdoor bootcamp-style sessions involving our usual 45-minute HIIT workouts that people already know and love. It is likely that a lot of people will be feeling a little nervous as more and more things open up and our new ‘normal’ sets in, so we do anticipate that outdoor training will continue to be successful, especially through the summer months, until people are more comfortable being in confined spaces.

Increased Interest in Structured, Group Training – By Sam Gregory, Head Trainer and Co-Owner of F45 Stratford

When gyms reopen, we expect to see a huge increase in the amount of people seeking a structured, group training environment. The main reason for this is that there will be specified times for classes, so people can ensure that there are not too many people in the gym at any given time as you will need to book a space beforehand.

Investing In Quality Supplements – By Clarissa Lenherr, Nutritionist at bioniq

With the ever-increasing threat of the current global pandemic, supporting our immune system, alongside a healthy diet and a good sleep and exercise regime has never been more important. There is no doubt our day to day lives have changed dramatically over the last few months, and we can also expect to see healthcare go through a huge transformation. As we begin to ease out of lockdown and resume our everyday lives, we will see individuals investing more into their health and taking the ‘quality over quantity’ approach when it comes to supplementation. Too often, people are reaching for several different supplements that are taken singularly in pill format, which can often cause nausea and other adverse side effects, as well as push the blood levels out of reference ranges. As a result, individuals will seek ways to take control of their health and find out exactly what their bodies need to optimise their wellbeing and stay protected from foreign and invading cells.

bioniq LIFE offers a complete personalised health monitoring, optimisation and supplement system in one service, allowing you to fully understand your health and wellbeing. Using thorough blood testing, patented algorithms and a unique Swiss-patented formula, bionq LIFE can pinpoint an individual’s distinctive needs and help them optimise their health and wellbeing with just one simple formula that is entirely tailored to them. The initial blood tests carried out to kickstart the process allows bioniq LIFE to identify any underlying issues, such as nutrient deficiencies or hormonal imbalances that would normally go undetected, meaning that your bespoke bioniq supplement regime will give you exactly what you need, unlike a mass market blend. This is further enhanced and supported by regular consultations with a registered nutritionist, bi-monthly blood, genetic and microbiome testing and access to a personalised dashboard so you can monitor your progress. The formula is also blended into tiny granules which release active ingredients into the blood stream during a sustained period to enhance absorption in the body. This unique absorption process allows you to digest and tolerate the granules easier than vitamins that are taken singularly in pill format.

New mothers will adapt the way they look after their health and wellbeing – By Eliza Flynn, a pre and postnatal fitness expert and one of the experts at holistic parenting app

During lockdown, face to face appointments have been limited, and so new and expectant mums have turned to a variety of sources to get the information and advice they require. Even though they’re keen to resume social interactions with friends, they will prefer to manage their wellness via trusted apps such as Biamother Biamother is a holistic wellness app designed by a team of maternal health experts, all women, mostly mothers. This useful tool offers guidance and recommendations to help mums eat, move and feel better, as well as personalised workouts they can do at home that adapt to suit their changing needs, body type and concerns (available to download now on the app store for £16.99 for a standard subscription or £36.99 for a premium subscription which provides unlimited access to an online coach, currently only on iOS).

New and expectant mothers will use their escape from their homes – By Eliza Flynn, a pre and postnatal fitness expert and one of the experts at holistic parenting app,

Many new and expectant mothers, and their families, will be feeling frustrated with being stuck in one place, especially those living in cities. With holiday rentals opening up, long stays will be organised, especially as many workplaces will continue to function remotely, allowing families to escape their homes. New and expectant mothers will enjoy activities previously unavailable or difficult to access, such as long walks and cycling. They’ll supplement these with workouts beneficial to their current fitness levels and stage, using workouts and advice from trusted sources such as the Biamother app.

Mindfulness and Breathwork During Times of Uncertainty – By Fi Clark, Head of Yoga at FLY LDN

One of the main reasons people get hooked on yoga is the mental benefits of having a regular breath-lead practice. Not only does it create a pathway to increased head space, but that feeling of calm and peace of mind that organically occurs throughout the practice that leaves you feeling relaxed, is a very welcome addition to help to steer yourself through uncertainty and times of upheaval. It’s easy to feel mentally unbalanced and overwhelmed in times such as these, especially when, as an individual, you have very little control over the situation. To be able to create space for yourself where you can declutter the mind and shut out the noise of the external world temporarily in order to gain some inner perspective, is imperative for our mental wellbeing.

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