Pizza named the UK’s most popular takeaway of 2022 so far

Tuesday 21st Jun 2022 |

PIZZA has been named the UK’s most popular takeaway of 2022, as almost one in five Brits (16%) admitted that the cheesy treat is their go-to takeaway, according to new research released today.

The study, conducted by innovative food ordering company, Foodhub, delved into the takeaway habits of the nation, with the Italian classic, a-doughed by many, coming out on top as the most popular takeaway of 2022 so far.

The Chinese cuisine (15%) narrowly missed out on the top spot with the British classic Fish and Chips (14%) rounding off the top three, which is fitting due to the recent Platinum Jubilee celebrations.

Research also discovered that pizza is the nation’s favourite takeaway to share with loved ones, as over a quarter (27%) of participants selected the Italian dish as their ideal meal to enjoy with family and friends.

When it comes to toppings, pepperoni is the UK’s number one with 14% choosing the spicy meat as their favourite, with meat feast coming closely behind (11%) and vegetarian rounding off the top three (8%).

In a highly debated topic, the UK has spoken and its official, pineapple does not belong on pizza, with an overwhelming 54% of the nation claiming that the exotic fruit has no place being placed on the dish.

Emma Stockman, a member of the Foodhub Marketing team, said: “In a narrowly fought race, it is interesting to see pizza named the number one takeaway choice of the nation so far this year. However, with another six months to go, we can’t wait to see what cuisine finishes in top spot as the year draws to a close.

“Interestingly, our study also discovered that when eating pizza, over half (52%) of the UK source theirs from a local takeaway or restaurant with almost one in ten (9%) admitting to ordering a pizza every single day! Here at Foodhub, we run a no-commission based model, making us on average 15% cheaper than our competitors, so not only are we cost effective for the local takeaways/restaurants themselves, but we’re also cost effective for the consumer.”

In light of these recent results, Foodhub is now offering pizza fans the chance to win an all-inclusive trip to the pizza capital of the world – Italy – where the lucky winner and a guest can enjoy a slice (or two) of the famous treat at their leisure.

But if the Italian pizza holiday doesn’t quite hit the mark, the winner can opt instead for a fuel voucher worth £1,000 or a year’s supply of takeaway treats courtesy of Foodhub.

All customers need to do is order from the Foodhub app or website five times throughout the month of June, with no minimum spend applied – so whether it’s a milkshake for one or a pizza for the entire family, every order counts!

And that’s not all… as Foodhub’s new Love Local initiative means that the more customers order from their local independent takeaways, the more the company will donate to charity, as they have pledged that once a local restaurant or takeaway partner receives a set number of orders in a specific area, they will donate hot meals to a dedicated charity within that local community.

When it comes to regional division, pizza was crowned the most ordered takeaway in London (24%), the North East (16%), North West (17%), South East (20%), and Yorkshire and the Humber (16%).

Elsewhere, Chinese took the crown in Northern Ireland (22%), Scotland (24%) and Wales (18%) with East Midlands (16%), South West (21%), West Midlands (17%) and East Anglia (17%) preferring Fish and Chips

To order your favourite pizza from your local takeaway/restaurant and to enter Foodhub’s competition, head to Foodhub’s website or app and tuck into your tasty treat in no time:



  1. Pizza (16%)
  2. Chinese (15%)
  3. Fish and Chips (14%)
  4. Burger (11%)
  5. Indian (9%)
  6. Fried Chicken (4.8%)
  7. Italian (4.2%)
  8. Kebab (4%
  9. Turkish (2.3%)
  10. Thai (2%)

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