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Packing Your Hold Luggage: What You Can And Can’t Take On A Plane 

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There have been stringent security protocols and restrictions in place for more than two decades now, but they still take some getting used to. Rules have been tweaked and changed over time and packing your luggage so you can go on your holidays is a bit of a minefield. 

This guide should help you out. Here you can find a list of some common items and where you should pack them for the plane. Does it belong in your suitcase or your hand luggage? Find out here. 

Vape Kits and E-Cigarettes Are Banned From Hold Luggage 

More people are vaping than ever before, some as an alternative to cigarettes and some simply because they enjoy it. Whatever your reason for vaping, you should know that your vape kits are not permitted in your hold luggage. 

This is primarily because of the batteries, which are a fire hazard. Liquids can be stored in your hold luggage. If you use ‘shortfill’ style e-liquids and vape juices that are above 100ml, they will have to go in your suitcase. Liquids over that amount cannot be taken into the cabin. Most e-liquid bottles are 10ml or 20ml and can be taken in hand luggage, but they must be presented for inspection in a transparent plastic bag during security screening. 

It is a clever idea to get a vape kit specifically for travelling. Things go missing and get left behind easily on a holiday, so do not risk taking your usual vape equipment and get for your trip. Have a browse here at for a top range of vape kits for taking on your hols. You might like one of them so much that it becomes your go-to vape. 

Your Shampoo And Shower Gel Needs To Go In The Hold 

The is a small list of items that are not allowed to be carried in hand luggage, so if you are travelling with them you need to make sure they go in your suitcase.  

Liquids, gels, and creams in containers above 100ml all need to be packed in the hold. This means most of your toiletries and beauty products need to be in your suitcase. This can prevent a problem if you think you are going to need them before you can get your bag unpacked.  

There are a couple of ways to solve this problem. Buy travel or trial-sized versions of your must-have potions in containers less than 100ml. Do not open them before passing through security, though be prepared for them to do so if they feel they need to test them or inspect them further.  

The cheaper option is to make it to your destination and buy toiletries there. If you can last from your airport to arrival at your temporary home, you can often get all your favourite brands for a lot less. Local prices often work in your favour, especially in holiday towns across Europe. 

If you are trying to travel without putting any luggage in the plane’s hold then there are some options to help you get your bathroom essentials through the security checks. Many people are travelling light these days and making a quicker exit from the airport. 

Not being able to carry liquids above 100ml also presents another problem, hydration. When you pass through security you will be without a water bottle. Empty water bottles should be able to pass inspection, and you may be able to refill them at a tap or water fountain.  

You should budget for a drink or two when you get into the departure lounge. It can be pricey to buy drinks there, but it is worth it just in case, especially if you are travelling with children. 

Sharp Blades, Tools, And Needles Must Travel In Your Suitcase 

The reasons for this should be obvious. Potential weapons need to be stored in the hold of the plane for the safety and security of everyone on board. This even applies to razors and razor blades, so pack them away with your toiletries if you are taking any. 

Most people will not be packing knives, blades, or tools to take on holiday with them. If you are getting on a plane to work abroad, and you are a chef or a carpenter, you will need to pack away your knives and tools. Restrictions on taking needles into the cabin can present a problem for people with certain medical conditions, however. 

If you are diabetic and need to take regular injections of insulin, it is recommended that you get a letter from your doctor. This should allow you to take a needle on board the plane. The cabin crew may request to store the equipment for you, often in a safe and locked compartment that they have access to. If you need an insulin injection during the flight, they will bring your kit to you.  

Diabetics should carry their insulin in their hand luggage. This is recommended by suppliers as temperatures can drop in the hold and reduce the quality of the insulin. No containers of insulin that are commonly supplied are over 100ml, so you should have no problem taking them through security at the airport. 

People with medical conditions that require injections should check with their airline about any restrictions they have or protocols they follow for hypodermic needles before booking their travel.  

EpiPens can be carried in hand luggage too, and do not pose the same risks to passengers and crew as a hypodermic needle. You should still check with the airline, and get a note from your doctor, before taking one through security.  

Pack Away Your Sporting Equipment 

It is more common than you may think to travel with rackets, bats, or snooker cues than you might expect. Many people make sporting pursuits the centrepiece of their holiday and like to take their own equipment with them. 

Skiers and mountaineers are good examples of this. Every year thousands of skiers and climbers get on flights to the mountains of Europe to enjoy the winter season on the peaks. Equipment for these kinds of sports is expensive to buy, and expensive to hire at the mountain resorts. Many will take poles, skis, and even ice axes on holiday with them. This kind of equipment obviously belongs in the hold.  

Some Things Cannot Fly In The Hold Or The Cabin 

There is a brief list of prohibited items that you cannot take on a plane with you no matter where you pack them. This is due to the fire hazard they present. Lighters can be taken on board in hand luggage, but you are limited to one lighter per person. Matches cannot be flown in hand or hold luggage. 

Items that contain gunpowder are banned, of course. This includes fireworks but also party poppers. These simple party favours contain a small amount of explosive power that can be dangerous on board a plane. Some children’s toy guns can have small gunpowder caps that make noise and some smoke when the trigger is pulled. These caps and all toy and replica guns are prohibited items and cannot be flown. If you buy one of these toys on holiday they will have to be left behind. 

Do not stress about packing your bags for your holidays, this guide should have covered all the bases for you. The tricky part now is getting everything to fit inside your suitcase. 

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