National Paella Day

National Paella Day: The Top 10 Paella Spots in the UK and Ireland

Saturday 23rd Mar 2024 |

The national food of Spain is one of the most recognisable dishes in the world, and what better reason to go and enjoy a great paella than National Paella Day on the 27th of March. Because of this, Betway decided to carry out some research in order to reveal the 10 best paella spots in the UK based on Google Review and Tripadvisor data so you’re able to go and enjoy a great paella to its fullest extent.

The research looked at over 40 of the highest rated paella spots across major cities the UK and Ireland, who were then ranked in an index based on their Average Google Review Rating and the percentage of their Tripadvisor reviews that are 5 and 4 stars. The top 10 spots based on this ranking are as follows:

RankNameLocationAverage Google Review Rating / 5Total Tripadvisor Reviews% 5* TA Ratings% 4* TA RatingsIndex Score / 100
1El RinconBristol4.83452.9423.5364.40
3Salt House TapasLiverpool4.6284361.9824.2062.45
4Malaga TapasGlasgow4.689076.0715.5161.89
5ViDa by LorentesNottingham4.721485.985.1461.07
6La Finca EivissaLiverpool4.662188.086.1259.28
7Rico LibreBirmingham4.5150481.5813.0358.50
8La Casa DalryEdinburgh4.635270.7415.0658.07
9La SalEdinburgh4.746163.9914.9757.91
10Café AndaluzGlasgow4.5191154.5826.7456.40

The research ranks El Rincon in Bristol as the number one paella spot in the UK and Ireland with an index score of 64.40 out of 100 and the only spot that was analysed with a Google Review rating of 4.8.

Edinburgh lands three places in the top 10 with tapas3, La Casa Dalry and La Sal all featuring with index scores of over 57 out of 100. When it comes to Ireland, although none of the analysed spots feature in the top 10, the research revealed that Las Tapas de Lola in Dublin is the number one place for paella in Ireland with an index score of 56.34 out of 100.

Please feel free to use any of the above data and information as inspiration for a story of your own and if you’d be kind enough to reference the original study by linking back Betway’s blog page on the research, it would be much appreciated: