Miller Harris; Oud Èclat, an oud unlike any other

Thursday 02nd Sep 2021 |

Miller Harris introduces a beautiful new fragrance that turns the original idea of oud on its head

Whether you’re an existing oud lover or just becoming acquainted with it, Oud Éclat, the latest scent from Miller Harris is guaranteed to turn the tables on what you would normally expect from this mesmerising ingredient.

Oud Éclat formulates oud within a shimmering structure of sugar and musk that will reset people’s perceptions of what this iconic scent ingredient is capable of. While oud usually takes centre stage in most perfumes, enveloping the wearer in a dark cloak of leathery earthy notes and spices, here it takes a more subtle role.

In Oud Éclat , the oud actually forms part of the top notes (what you smell when you first apply the perfume) blended with cashmere wood, which then warms up to notes of sugar, tagete, balsam and nutmeg for a much more beguiling bouquet. This is underscored by a rich base of moss and musk that deliver a memorable, mellow dry down.

The perfumer Emilie Bouge, took inspiration from the movement of lead and glass as they both entwine in the creation of crystal to fuse together the beauty of light and dark. Composed of light and shadows, crystals are formed when lead is poured into glass and the balance is exact. This balance is what Oud Éclat pays tribute to with the shimmering, sugary accord offering brightness which offsets the oud’s rich deepness. The result is a highly complex bouquet which is unisex and extremely wearable – whatever your perfume preference.

Head notes: Agarwood, Tagete, Cashmere Wood

Heart: Amber. Fir Balsam, Nutmeg

Lasting impressions: Moss, Musk, Leather, Sugar

Oud Éclat will sit in the Miller Harris Private Collection of fragrances which created in small volumes, are modern homages to perfumery’s most exquisite and highly sought after essences.

Oud Éclat, £160 / 100ml will be available from this September
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