Makeup Remover; No more Panda Eyes Post Lockdown

Wednesday 03rd Mar 2021 |

The world is due to reopen slowly, and over the coming weeks, we need to brush off our makeup bags and brush on the blusher. But don’t forget, what goes on, must come off.

Forget panda eyes and orange pillowcases, invest in a decent makeup remover, and all signs of your first ‘big night out’ dare I say it, will be gone…

Curél Makeup Cleansing Gel, £12.50

A cleansing gel that thoroughly removes makeup while protecting ceramides for optimal moisture retention. The mild, silky formula gently and thoroughly removes makeup from deep within the pores while hydrating the skin

Curél is specifically designed to replenish, protect and promote the natural ceramide moisturisers in the skin, thanks to its two-pronged approach:

  • PROTECT: Ceramide protecting cleansers cleanse away dirt while protecting natural ceramides from being removed from the skin.
  • REPLENISH: Ceramide promoting moisturisers help replenish ceramide levels in the skin and strengthen the skin’s barrier to protect it from external stimuli.

Sönd Clean Slate Cream Cleanser (£19.95) 

A customer favourite for a reason, this Clean Slate Cream Cleanser uses shea oil and cocoa butter to swiftly ease away makeup, pollution, and impurities, plus botanical extracts to soothe and calm your skin. It’s gentle and balancing enough to be suitable for any skin type – but it’s an epiphany for skin that’s experiencing acne, eczema, rosacea, or particular sensitivity.

MONAT Makeup Vanishing Balm – £60

This balm-to-oil formula makeup remover and cleansing balm, gently melts away stubborn makeup and impurities without drying the skin.

It removes all makeup, including eye makeup, to leave skin feeling soft, smooth and hydrated for a refreshed look and feel afterwards.  Rinses away easily with no residue or film left on the skin.  Clinically, dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested.

Using key ingredients of REJUVENIQE S™ a clinically proven ingredient combines the nourishing and revitalizing powers of over 13 botanical oils and extracts with a patented, activated oil from Olive and Jojoba Seed Extract to infuse skin with immediate and long-lasting hydration, youthful resilience and instant luminosity. While Natural acids sourced from Sugar, Mango, Banana and Kasha grain to energize, brighten, refine, and gently exfoliate skin. This skin renewal powerhouse combines the power of four different naturally derived acids with different molecular weights for maximum potency.

Organic Apoteke Buttermilk Cleanser  – £41.95

A nourishing cleanser that leaves skin soft and smooth while dissolving makeup and impurities. Organic Damask Rose Oil which is rich in Vitamin C protects and strengthens the skin and soothes the senses as it balances dryness and builds your skin’s capacity to retain moisture while smoothing wrinkles and improving circulation. Its gentle exfoliating action and anti-oxidant-rich formulation leave skin renewed and replenished. With Soy Oil rich in essential fatty acids and Vitamin E.

Zero waste cosmetics brand, Lamazuna, has just announced the launch of its new solid make-up remover with jojoba and grapeseed oils. 

Having recently announced that it has already saved over 50 million items of plastic from being sent to landfill, this new product is essential for any eco-conscious beauty collection and includes no plastic or wasteful packaging. 

Made with 100% naturally derived ingredients, this make-up remover requires no need for cotton pads or cleansing wipes and leaves skin feeling smooth and nourished. The half-sphere shape is ideal for gliding the make-up remover over your face and eye area, and it lasts for several weeks, cutting down waste and removing the need for countless plastic containers.

Wo Skincare Comfort Balm Cleanser

This exquisite textured, high-performance, multitasking Comfort Balm is an effective rejuvenating formula.  High in oils, it is ideal for removing stubborn makeup, while providing valuable skin nutrients and rapid moisture to soothe the skin, leaving it comforted and hydrated with a soft, supple appearance. Specially formulated by leading Korean innovation experts, this formula embraces Asian fermentation technology, using an innovative blend of antioxidants and plant actives.

INIKA Organic Phyto-Active Micellar Rosewater

This gentle, alcohol-free facial cleansing rosewater uses micelles to effectively remove all traces of makeup and impurities without drying skin. Its gentle and soothing formula is incredibly effective with all kinds of makeup on the face and eyes, leaving a fresh finish ready for your serum and night cream. Hydrating natural plant sugars and Aloe Vera juice enhance the cleanser and support a balanced complexion. No need to rinse off.

Dr. Hauschka Eye Make-up Remover, £20

Dr. Hauschka Skin Care; Dr. Hauschka Kosmetik

The dual effectiveness of our Eye Make-up Remover is evident at first glance: Two phases – one oil-based and one water-based – sit clearly one of top of the other. By shaking the bottle, the two components combine to form a gentle yet thorough cleanser. Even waterproof make-up comes off easily with Dr. Hauschka Eye Make-up Remover. The excellent compatibility of the Eye Make-up Remover has been confirmed in opthalmological and dermatological tests. Our Eye Make-up Remover is a certified natural cosmetic product. The Eye Make-up Remover gently and reliably cleanses the sensitive skin in the eye area – removing even waterproof eye make-up. In the same step, it cares for the skin with light, fast-absorbing oils, leaving the skin feeling pleasantly cleansed and silky smooth. The composition with precious rose water and nourishing plant extracts of eyebright and fennel harmonises and soothes the particularly delicate and sensitive skin in the eye area. Premium-quality sesame and sunflower oils nourish the eyelashes and eyebrows as they preserve the skin’s natural hydrolipid layer to leave it feeling relaxed and carefree. This dual-phase composition reliably cleanses the delicate eye area to leave it free from both water-soluble and waterproof make-up.

Jiemao Fresh Foaming Makeup Remover with Brush

An oil-free makeup remover that is well-rounded, gentle, and leaves no trace of anything behind! Great for all skin types especially sensitive skin. Recommended for lash extensions and lash lifts to promote healthy lashes and helps with the longevity of your lash treatments.

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