kraft dalston

Kraft Dalston: German-Korean Fusion Hidden Gem

Thursday 18th Aug 2022 |

You can easily walk past Kraft Dalston without noticing, but the strategic location – in the heart of Dalston, right in front of the beloved Superstore and the popular Rio Cinema – and the Korean words and event posters on the windows make you want to check what’s going on in there. And seeing how cool, big and different the place is is the first surprise.

Imagine a bar with everything everyone in London looks for: drinks, beer, food, live music…

Kraft Dalston
Image credit © Indira Bott

Starting with the beers. Kraft Dalston produces all the beer onsite and serves it fresh from the tank. Beers are unfiltered, and unpasteurised, and the brewery reduces its CO2 emissions by 75% compared to the average brewery by eliminating packaging and transportation. All beers are made according to the purity law from 1516 only using malt, water, hops & yeast.

Image credit © Indira Bott

Kraft Dalston has just launched their new food operator Seoul in a Bottle, which combines unusual and modern ingredients with traditional Korean cuisine and rituals. The restaurant offers a creative variety of Banchans (from petite anchovies to Lotus root), flavoursome rice plates and juicy meat dishes like the short ribs and the classic fried chicken. Vegetarians can enjoy their deep-fried aubergine with pineapple Sweet & Sour sauce, as well as many other options.

The signature cocktails wrap up the experience. To celebrate their new food partner, you can have the cocktail of the month Seoul for the Soul, a combination of Kraft Gin, Soju fresh, Watermelon syrup, lemon juice, fresh mint and chilli. The gin, Jim and Tonic, are also produced on-site.

To wrap up the experience, Kraft Dalston presents DJ sets on weekends and open jams and standalone gigs during the week. Check their full events calendar at and make sure you follow them to be on top of any updates www.instagram/kraftdalston.

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