Iraqi Cuisine; KUBBA by JUMA Kitchen

Thursday 26th Nov 2020 |

With Londoners desperate to get their hands on authentic, delicious and exciting food during Lockdown 2.0, the stalls of Borough Market have remained open to excite the palettes and hearts of us all, and few places do it better than KUBBA by Juma Kitchen. 

Warming, flavourful and exciting traditional Iraqi cuisine made by the hands of Chef Philip Juma, KUBBA is open six days a week (Monday-Saturday) to save us from lockdown fatigue. 

‘I can’t think of anywhere better to showcase the breadth and richness of Iraqi cuisine than at Borough Market. I wanted to serve something delicious, authentic and original. Kubba ticks all those boxes’ – Philip Juma, Head Chef and Founder 

Iraqi Cuisine

Its namesake ‘Kubba’ are Iraqi dumplings, an Iraqi food staple similar to a croquette.  Coming in a variety of textures, shapes and ingredients, each one is lovingly made by hand and they are extremely labour-intensive. The traditional Kubba Haleb, is a fiendishly moreish delight.  Sunshine-like amber cracked rice coating surrounds beef mince spiced with Philips’ secret family blend for Baharat, a traditional Arabic spice and served with a warm and tangy pickled mango dip called Amba.   

Also on the menu is Potato Chap; beautifully soft and pillowy potato surrounds Baharat-spiced beef mince and onion, served with a perfectly balanced sweet and intense date and tamarind sauce. Kubba’s Mushroom Chap is vegan and combines mushroom, garlic and glorious truffle oil inside a potato casing and served with date and tamarind sauce. Perfectly warming for colder afternoons at Borough Market is Kubba Hamuth, a wonderful lamb and beef boiled dumpling spiced with Juma Baharat which is an aromatic spice combination of coriander, cinnamon, cumin and allspice (as well as a few other family secret additions); served with turnips, mint sauce warmed further by a tomato broth.

Forfor those seeking something sweeter, Philip’s Juma Knafa is a dessert that you may just see in your dreams for some time after.  Katayif pastry made with shredded wheat, nuts and sugar syrup is baked with mozzarella to create a crispy, creamy and stringy delight and infused with blossom water to transport you to moments of heat and sunshine. 

Iraqi Cuisine

A magical addition to KUBBA is the charcoal pit, with menu items that have become firm favourites for Borough Market regulars.  Cooked to order, customers can choose from  CHICKEN TAOK – Marinated chicken cubes cooked over charcoal; IRAQI LAMB KABAB (signature) – Minced lamb kabab cooked over charcoal served with charred onion and tomato or UROOG – (vegan)- Courgette and cauliflower fritters mixed with potato, onion, garlic, dill, curry powder and cumin.  Each item is served with Philip’s signature mango amba sauce and homemade tanoor bread baked fresh every morning. 

Iraqi Cuisine

Philip Juma has been championing Iraqi cuisine since 2012.  He started off hosting supper clubs across London under the JUMA Kitchen brand which gained even more exposure when he became a food columnist for the London Evening Standard.  JUMA’s brand grew further gaining exposure in Europe and the Middle East.  He has had a long standing relationship with Borough Market as a regular food demonstrator in their ‘public kitchen’.  JUMA opened their first permanent takeaway unit in Borough Market which celebrates one of Iraq’s most iconic dishes, KUBBA (the stalls name). 

  • Opening hours: 
  • Monday — Thursday 10:00 – 17:00 
  • Friday 10:00 – 18:00 
  • Saturday 10:00 – 17:00 


JUMA Kitchen is the sell-out Iraqi supperclub founded by Philip Juma in 2012. Philip and his team have dedicated the last 7 years to delivering exceptional Iraqi food while celebrating the flavours and culture of a country many people know little about. 

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