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Black & Milk is a London-based, award-winning interior design studio writing the next chapter in great interior design. Curating cosy luxury interiors and personality-driven homes that are simply one of a kind, their work ranges from interior schemes for new builds to full turnkey refurbishments of properties within prime central London.

Established in 2013, Black & Milk is led by husband and wife duo Toly and Olga – both leading movers and shakers in the industry. In her role as Creative Director, Olga brings the design narrative into motion, whilst Toly ensures the project runs smoothly from start to finish. With their combined multidisciplinary experience, the couple are both skilled at driving projects forward and are unswayed by the passing dictates of trends, working closely together to create carefully balanced interiors that are cohesive and authentic. 

A shared passion for design and creating tailored homes resulted in the formation of their studio. Fast forward to today, their portfolio encompasses a multitude of styles and genres and their stylistic ethos is one of cosy luxury: a combination of understated styles that are tailored specifically to their client’s needs whilst honing in on the essence of alluding warmth and comfort through design. No two projects are ever alike, but they are universally beautiful, authentic, enjoyable and timeless. An antithesis to popular trends in interiors, their style celebrates individuality and personal expression – perfect for homeowners who are keen to create their very own one-of-a-kind abode that reflects their personality and interests.  

Their understated luxury, subtle yet rich in detail, is characteristic of their charming interiors and is often showcased through the creative mix of statement furniture choices, collectable unique antique items and modern, high-quality brands, creating spaces that are not only rich in visual interest but they tell a story with each and every curated piece in the home.

The studio’s in-house team works under Toly and Olga’s guiding hands, offering a highly skilled and personalised service for residential clients in the capital.

Recent projects include:

Holland Green, Kensington

A case study in modern eclectic design, this West London project hits all the perfect notes in blending the functionality of a modern minimalist home with the bold character-driven design choices of an eclectically styled residence.


Built by renowned Architect Rem Koolhaas, the apartment resides parallel to the iconic Design Museum and famous Holland Park, providing 270-degree views of beautiful greenery and the city’s landscape. 

Throughout the space, as part of the design, Black & Milk have incorporated patterns and textures juxtaposed with clean lines and a neutral backdrop, creating a dynamic and visually engaging space – but never overwhelming.

Responding to the brief from a client with a passion for art and all things design, the main objective was to provide a sanctuary for the modern family that illustrates their creative flair but is also practical.  This result is a masterclass in how one-of-a-kind interior design can truly transform a London space into a functional home with more than a hint of personal touch.

Garden House, Hampstead

In this Hampstead project, one will find a distinctive garden space that defies categorisation with its unique blend of styles, materials, and colours. 

Showcasing the very best of interior and exterior design, this home is a lesson in how to bring the outside inside, and how to create garden rooms outside with careful landscape styling. Leading on both the architecture and interiors, this outhouse demonstrates how to integrate landscape and interior design for the best of both worlds. A very intricate attention to detail was employed by the studio team andis the very secret of this garden and home working in harmony to create a good place to be.


On entry, one is immediately struck by the sense of character and creativity – with a mix of colour palettes, industrial and natural materials, and even different textures. Here, imagination runs wild with showstopping furniture and fun touches, including a hot tub – a great conversation starter for any social gathering.

Soho Loft Apartment

In this case study, Black & Milk’s eclectic minimal Japanese influence interior style showcases how a unique blend of materials, textures, and colours can come together to create a space that is both sophisticated, visually striking, yet minimalist in style.

With the constraint of space, the team had to think out of the box to incorporate character into the home without compromising on functionality. Although small, the apartment lends itself very well to a Japandi interior and in keeping in this style, the studio kept to a minimalist colour palette of white, black, and creams to create a clean and polished backdrop, while introducing eclectic touches in the form of art pieces and decorative fixtures, which add a playful contrast and break the monochromatic look and feel. 


In the design, Black & Milk focused on enhancing the natural light by configuring the loft apartments’ spatial entity while seamlessly incorporating their client’s love of Asian design. As the studio’s client was a musician, the space required a soundproofed space for his grand piano using sound insulation all around the perimeter of the apartment, sound absorbent decorative panels on the walls and sound acoustic curtains. With a keen interest in feng shui, Black & Milk created a space that optimally balances the environment’s energy, that helps the resident to feel happy, healthy and at home.

Focusing on the Japandi style, asian design techniques incorporated include the use of Japanese rice paper to create scenes, a material that transmits light yet allows the rooms to be separated. The studio also referenced feng shui principles throughout. This included the creation of Yang spaces, such as the kitchen and living area, making them feel active and social, whereas yin spaces are rest-orientated. The black walls and accents in the bedroom helped to separate the yin sleeping area from the bright and neutral yang living area, and by incorporating these techniques,, the studio created a tranquil space for their client, a calming respite from the chaotic energy of Soho.