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Improve Your Customer Service: Top Tips For Businesses Still Working Remotely  

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Data from a study assessing if working remotely increased productivity has revealed that remote working employees were not only happier, but less likely to quit with more than 13.5% proving to be more productive than office-based workers.

But while this is the case with some, others may struggle to stay motivated due to the lack of communication and social aspect as some people rely on close collaboration with their team to support customers. So, here are some tips for businesses to improve customer service for those who are still working remotely.  

Improve Your Customer Service – Schedule Daily Stand-ups 

These are meetings that give employees the opportunity to share what they are working on that day. It is a great way of discovering who is doing good work, while seeing which members of the team could do with some additional help now. These should be kept light-hearted and informal so that the employees are entirely comfortable in talking about their problems or to seek appreciation for their success. 

Improve Your Customer Service – Boost Morale 

If someone is not feeling themselves in a normal work environment, you can normally tell or they will confide in their employer. However, remote working takes away the ease of opening up, especially as it is harder to initially notice. This will impact on their work ethic and may impact the business based off their customer service.  

There is a few ways of boosting morale in a remote working environment, one of which being one to one meetings with your employees, especially for new team members, or those who are showing signs of struggling with their work load at the moment. The social aspect of these meetings, even if it is just 5 minutes can boost people’s morale and show that as an employer you are there to talk as they are able to voice their concerns one on one, rather than in a group scenario. This meeting could help make that employee go the extra mile when necessary as they are felt heard and valued in the business. You can also visit to learn more about boosting morale remotely.

Improve Your Customer Service – Make Internal Communication Easier 

Communication between employees and employers can be complicated when working remotely, especially as it is time restricted. Team members can sometimes be unsure of what the best method of communicating is dependent on the situation – they could wait till their one on one, or the group meeting, but for urgent matters they need an effective way of communicating with quick responses. 

This is where it becomes important for employers to establish what the best way of communicating is. One way is to unify multiple channels to make business communications streamline. Unified communications refer to systems that allow businesses to access communication tools through a single service or application. 

Improve Your Customer Service – Increase Productivity  

Positive customer feedback all comes down to the productivity of your team. If they work together, they will get more done. It is proven that when team members are working together and helping each other, they get more done, and as a result provide better customer service as to if they were working solo. 

Working remotely is not always the easy option, especially for those used to office environment. They may need that little push from their superiors, just helping them or talking to them when needed. It is reliant on team members superiors to provide them with additional support if they are struggling to make the adjustment to this increasingly popular way of working. And more often than not, with that support, they will settle into remote working as we all had to over the last couple of years. 

Improve Your Customer Service – Encourage discipline to steer clear of distractions 

While in a regular office, employees would be disciplined and required to be organised and on time, with remote working, the responsibility is left to themselves as employees as there is no one watching their every move.  

When working from home, it is upon the employee to maintain self-control and though it can be hard, they must take away from their distractions and take their breaks at designated times each day. It is recommended by some employers to encourage employees to act as though they are still going into the office, showering, and dressing out of pyjamas, as well as creating an office space where they can work away from distractions.  

When working remotely, there is more to consider especially in customer service roles. Open communication is key as they are not able to walk over to fellow employees to seek help or share personal problems that they may be having outside of the work environment which is impacting their standard of work. The feeling of trust and togetherness that open communication creates brings in a better work ethic, while making team members feel good about themselves and their work through regular feedback. This on the whole will deliver better customer experiences and provide positive feedback on the company. 

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