How to cut the costs of Honeymoons

Saturday 15th Jun 2024 |

Honeymoons are a great way to celebrate a marriage – and decompress from all the stress wedding planning – with 88% of couples venturing on a trip away after their big day1

However, with the average honeymoon setting couples back £4,3291 and prices of flights only continuing to increase2, couples will be looking for ways to keep the cost down – especially if they spent a lot on their wedding.

Booking insider George Hastings, Managing Director and Co-Founder at Ocean Holidays, shares five booking tips to help you get the best deal. 

  1. Fly indirect 

George comments: “Many people will opt for convenience above all else, and if travelling is particularly taxing on you or someone you’re travelling with, that can sometimes be the best option. 

“But if you’re willing to add 4+ hours to your trip, you can save hundreds of pounds. In fact, it could save you up to 40% off your overall trip cost.

costs of Honeymoons

“Flying indirect can also get you a stopover for free because airlines are routed via certain gateways. For example, Delta Airlines is routed via JFK, so if you are travelling to Orlando but fancy a couple of nights in New York, this is already included in your indirect flight price so you can just add on the cost of your accommodation.”

  1. Fly to smaller airports if you can

George comments: “This money saving tip is definitely worth exploring, wherever you’re travelling to. While it does tend to mean longer travel to your final destination, opting for a smaller airport can save you a good chunk off your flight cost.

“For example, if you’re travelling to Orlando, explore flights to Tampa instead. This could save you around £80-£100 per person and if you’re already planning on renting a car, this can certainly be worth it.

“It’s always worth exploring your new arrival destination if you can as they’ll likely be great destinations in their own right and who knows, maybe that afternoon before heading to your final destination could end up being your favourite part of the whole trip!”

  1. Be flexible with the length of your stay

George says: “If you can, try not to restrict yourself to the usual seven, ten, or fourteen-night holidays. Often odd durations like nine or fifteen nights can be cheaper across flights and accommodation.” 

costs of Honeymoons
  1. Avoid big events

George adds: “Wherever you’re going, be sure to check for any events happening in the area, especially sporting events. 

“While you’re more likely to know when big tournaments are coming up, such as the 2026 FIFA World Cup in Miami, it’s also worth checking for sports that you may not be considering, as well one-on-one matches that could impact travel and costs wherever you’re going.”

  1. Book well in advance

George comments: “It’s a common misconception that booking last minute flights will get you the best deals. I think this comes from people thinking the plane is already due to go and airlines want to get rid of any unassigned seats. 

“In reality though, booking at the last minute will very rarely save you money. Especially when travelling at peak times like the Easter or summer holiday. Flights around this time will only get more expensive as you get closer to the period. To ensure you get the best prices, aim to book between 250-330 days before departure. 

costs of Honeymoons

“This is especially true for long haul flights, for example booking a trip to Florida at the last minute will see you paying approximately 40% more than if you book it within that 80 day window. 

“If you do manage to find cheap flights, this will likely be for short-haul flights and won’t be the same for your hotel, which will likely go up in price as you come closer to departing. This means that the overall cost of the holiday would be more expensive than if you booked in advance.” 

If you’d like to spend your honeymoon in Florida, enquire with the travel experts at Ocean Florida today at 

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