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Sunday 28th Apr 2024 |

Supporting healthy living and low-calorie diets with Morphy Richards appliances.

With more consumers making conscious decisions about processed ingredients in shop-bought foods, Morphy Richards appliances offer a convenient home-made alternative, allowing consumers to reduce sugar & salt intake, alongside unhealthy fats and avoid preservatives with artificial colourings.

Morphy Richards appliances ensure the retention of vital nutrients – including vitamins & minerals – whilst maintaining the integrity of natural flavours and reducing the environmental impact of pre-packaged foods. 

Breadmaker RRP £99.99

Morphy Richards appliances

The Morphy Richards Fastbake Breadmaker is perfect for baking fresh bread at home, whilst also offering a wide range of health benefits when compared to store-bought varieties. Enabling processed fats to be swapped for healthier ones, such as olive oil, and the use of whole grains to promote heart health & aid digestion. The breadmaker also enables consumers to avoid the use of preservatives, excess sugar and salt.  

Packed full of features to make baking easy, from basic white & brown bread, to pizza dough, cakes and even jams or marmalade! There are 12 pre-set programmes to cater for various bread types including gluten free, to meet specific health needs, allergies and intolerances.

Incorporating two loaf size functions: 1.5lb or 2lb, users can enjoy freshly baked bread in just 50 minutes or activate a 13-hour delay function to wake up to a fresh loaf.

With the average person purchasing the equivalent of 60 loaves of bread per year, home baking with the Morphy Richards Breadmaker is cost-effective over time and offers the additional benefit of reducing the environmental and health impact of pre-packed foods.

Compact Sport Blender & Smoothie Maker RRP £69.99 – sale price £48.00 – save 31%

The Morphy Richards Compact Blender delivers a compact design, avoiding taking up too much space on the countertop. The Food Blender is equipped with 1000-watts of power and fitted with stainless-steel blades for durability and consistency. Quickly blending nutrient rich ingredients from fruits and vegetables, to nuts and seeds in seconds, creating high-fibre, energy boosting drinks, without the preservatives of shop-bought varieties.

The auto blend and pulse features allow for the perfect consistency and ensure a quick preparation time, while two cup choices of 500ml or 700ml with sip and seal lids offer portability on the go. Controlling the ingredients for dietary needs and preferences is easy when prepared by hand at home, to avoid allergens, reduce sugar intake, or incorporate specific nutrients for dietary deficiencies.

Made from top-quality materials and dishwasher-safe parts, the Compact Blender is easy to clean and designed to last.

Digital Dual Basket 7.2 Litre Air Fryer RRP £149.99 – sale price £99.99 – save 33%

Morphy Richards appliances

Minimal oil and maximum flavour, the Morphy Richards Dual Basket 7.2-litre Air Fryer produces delicious food with lower fat content and reduced calorie intake compared to traditional frying. Retaining the nutrient content of vegetables over boiling them, the Air Fryer makes it easy to prepare healthy meals with a variety of ingredients, from grilling, roasting, baking and even reheating.

The two baskets of the Morphy Richards Air Fryer work independently, with 7-settings per side, programmed via the easy touchscreen display. Viewing windows are integrated to easily check cooking progress, producing food that is crispy on the outside and tender on the inside.

Each draw has a cooking capacity of 3.6-litres, with non-stick, dishwasher safe parts for easy maintenance. 

3-Tier Food Steamer RRP £49.99

Preserves the natural flavours of food and supports a healthy diet, the Morphy Richards 3-Tier Food Steamer creates tasty meals quickly and easily.

With instant steam production this Food Steamer is an optimal cooking method for preserving the nutrients in food, including water-soluble vitamins (like C & B vitamins) that are lost during high-heat cooking methods, such as boiling.

The 9-litre capacity, with visible water gauge is sufficient for cooking foods for all the family. Avoiding the use of oils, the Morphy Richards Food Steamer can help in lowering overall cholesterol intake – beneficial for maintaining cardiovascular health.

Featuring a 60-minutre timer with a bell to let users know exactly when food is ready, cooking with steam avoids the burning of food and smoke forming in the kitchen.

The Morphy Richards 3-Tier Food Steamer is an effective way to cook meals that support a healthy diet, maximising nutrient retention, while minimising the use of added fats to help manage calorie intake.

Perfect Soup Maker
RRP £104.99 – sale price £84.99 – save 19%

Cooking at a lower temperature and sealing in steam, the Morphy Richards Perfect Soup Maker is ideal for creating soups that retain nutrients and are customisable in consistency. From silky smooth in just 21 minutes, to hearty and chunky in 28 minutes, the user-friendly control panel incorporates a countdown display.

Easily create flavourful, vegetable packed, homemade soups, full of antioxidants, that support immune function and reduce inflammation, thanks to the innovative integrated scales to accurately measure ingredients and create balanced recipes.

The Morphy Richards Soup Maker has a 1.6-litre capacity – perfect for creating high nutrient soups and even smoothies, with up to 4-servings, that support low calorie diets and healthy living for all the family, with a non-stick coating for effortless cleaning.

Morphy Richards appliances

About Morphy Richards

Morphy Richards has a long history of manufacturing small domestic appliances dating back to 1936, when product fanatic Donal Morphy met consumer champion Charles Richards.

Beginning a perfect partnership, Morphy Richards began making electric fires and from March 1938, made electric irons. The Morphy Richards heat controlled senior iron is still going strong in some households today!

Where function meets form, Morphy Richard products are designed for life, with built-in durability and longevity. Bringing together product innovation and build quality for ease-of-use and superior performance.

To discover more on Morphy Richards visit the website HERE

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