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Holistic London; Infuse Your Home with Organic and Natural Scents

Consumers are more aware than ever about sustainable and healthy choices. With more choice than ever before it is easier to choose natural and organic alternatives. 

Holistic London have created the most amazing scents that are organic and eco-friendly.

Many candles are full of harmful chemicals such as paraffin, which reduce air quality in our homes and affect those with Asthma when used. Holistic London have a solution they create fully organic, non-toxic, and clean alternatives. They understand the need for well-designed, natural, and clean candles. They are proud candlemakers and are passionately involved in every detail, however small, making products that deserve to be in people’s homes.

Their candles are only ever made with two high-quality natural ingredients. Their choice of renewable and eco-friendly soy wax is of the highest quality. Their essential oils are sourced to ensure their scents that provide long-lasting aromas. All their candles are plant based, vegan and cruelty free, in simple words ‘100% Clean’. Holistic London only use the purest essential oils to ensure their candles deliver a comforting and surround aromatherapy experience.

With a wide selection of fragrances Holistic London provide scents that will suit every personality, home, or mood.

Grapefruit + Rosemary – A multi-faceted fragrance with combines two of the best natural ingredients to lift your spirits. From £14. 

Bergamot + Wildflowers – A calming experience packed in a citric floral blend. A must for lovers of the great outdoors. From £15.

Lavender + Patchouli – A rich aromatic and woody blend, ideal to lower tensions and help you have a peaceful, rejuvenating sleep. From £15.

Peppermint + Sandalwood – Delightfully tingly and refreshing, filling your home with a revitalising aroma From £15.

Cedarwood + Spices – A provocative and evocative scent with a unique profile, designed for like to spice things up. From £15.

At Holistic London they believe in #SlowLiving meaning passionately loving the things you value and embracing the fact of but doing less and enjoying it more. Choosing Natural, Organic, Vegan and cruelty free candles has never been easier.


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