What perfume are you wearing?

Thursday 15th Jul 2021 |

These are the scents that leave passers-by asking, “what are you wearing?”

Why do we actually wear fragrance? Sometimes it’s part of our wellness routine – a spritz of this and a splash of that teamed with a few deep breaths helps to restore calm.

On other days, it’s all about boosting confidence – whether a major job interview is coming up, or we just need to start the day with a bang, a clever scent choice gets us right on track. 

What perfume are you wearing? – And then there’s the passer-by effect. 

The what? The passer-by effect. You know – when a stranger walks by, stops in their tracks, inhales deeply, wonders for a split second whether to let the opportunity pass, before blurting out, “sorry, but can I ask what you’re wearing?” Is there any greater compliment? 

And here’s the thing – the passer-by effect completely guides our scent choices. If a fragrance was just for us, we wouldn’t think twice before choosing the subtle option – the one with a hint of this and a whisper of that. But we can’t help ourselves. We live for that compliment. And so our purpose of scent wearing shifts. 

What sort of fragrances and fragrance-wearing habits do we turn to with the passer-by effect in mind? Funny you should ask…

What perfume are you wearing? – Make it last

We all know that fragrance develops. But did you know some notes last longer than others? You’ll almost always find these at the base. Musks, woody notes, and oudhs like the one in Miller Harris’ stand-out scent Scherzo are the notes to look out for – simply because they don’t evaporate as quickly as the more fruity and floral numbers. But that’s not to say long-lasting scents are always rich and heavy. Take Scherzo for example. Its bright burst of tangerine is intertwined with herbaceous davana which pierces through the scent’s floral heart. Meanwhile, resinous whirls of olibanum and oudh help to draw the scent into the long-lasting zone, without altering the fragrance’s softly-sweet vibe.

What perfume are you wearing?

What perfume are you wearing? – Wear it wisely

Spraying your fragrance onto wrists and rubbing them together does you and the scent no favours. Why? First of all, wrists are in hand-washing territory. But beyond that – this motion accelerates evaporation and can even alter the scent’s composition. Simply put, the scent won’t continue to work its magic for long when worn this way. To get the most out of your fragrance, try these pulse points instead: the backs of knees, the nape of the neck and the dip of your elbow. The natural heat from your body will continue to push the scent outwards – a sure way to keep those compliments coming.

What perfume are you wearing? – Try something new

Passer-by compliments are one thing, but securing an ‘oooh, you smell divine’ from a friend or family member is the golden ticket. To master this trick, you’ll need an element of surprise – they’ve become accustomed to your regular floral spritz after all. That’s why we recommend trying something new. With its sensual blend of soft cashmere woods, moss and a crisp amber accord, rounded off with a smooth shell of sweet, creamy vanilla, Miller Harris Peau Santal is an excellent choice. Just remember to place your new scent at the pulse points. Plus, an extra spritz onto hair – a special treat for your nearest and dearest as they snuggle in for a long-awaited hug. 

Miller Harris Scherzo EDP 50ml, £105 and Miller Harris Peau Santal EDP 50ml, £85