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Handle it Yourself; You can and you should

Strong confident woman with her fist up in the air.

This is the century of the girlboss, and one of the big advantages of this is to step out from the shadows and say, “I can do it myself, thank you very much”.

Whether it’s to avoid a hefty bill, or embrace something not considered a social norm, we have a guide on things to do that prove to you and the world that you can handle yourself fine.  

Handle it Yourself – Car repairs 

Even the least petrol-headed of us can do some simple car repairs that you know the wrong mechanic is going to charge a fortune for. If you’re willing to get your hands dirty, you can fix a few small repairs yourself. Luckily, we all carry hand sanitizer now.  

You can replace your own windscreen wipers without paying the service charge offered for roughly 30 seconds worth of work. There are various kinds of wipers, and this will affect how you fit them. Pin-types and hook slot connectors are a simple matter of unfastening the pin or flap remove your old blade, then sliding the new one into place. Straight-end connectors will require a screwdriver, but otherwise the process is the same.  

If your air conditioning is smelling musty, you can bet your air filter needs changing. The air filter prevents dirt and pollen from getting into the system and the cabin, hence the smell after a while. It isn’t bad but reduces the efficiency of your air con. To change the air filter, open the hood and locate the airbox, usually behind the glovebox. Unclip the top, take out the filter, replace it, clip it in place. Simple.  

Other repairs like replacing light bulbs, changing your oil, patching a tire puncture, replacing a tire, battery or brake pads are all simple repairs that would otherwise rack up a lot of labor charges. Sure, they vary in levels of “Really?”, but we believe in you.  

And if in doubt, there’s nothing wrong with consulting YouTube. And if still in doubt, nothing wrong with hiring a professional. 

Handle it Yourself – Loans 

Going through your finances can be a daunting task. Most of us would rather not think about it, and it is “traditionally” the “breadwinners job”, implying the husband. But needs must, and you don’t need a ring on some guy’s finger to keep your budget in order. And you don’t need to be an accounting genius either. There are guides on how to file your taxes, how to gain a loan, like a CIMB home loan, and guides on how to invest and save, all at the other end of a screen.  

And the banks are also being dragged into the 21st century. Home and business loans can come without the need for you to be married, whether it’s a partnership plan or just you with big dreams.  

Handle it Yourself – Salary negotiations 

If you think you’re worth more than what you’re receiving – and who doesn’t relate to that in some way? – you can do something about it. Don’t be intimidated by the boss and come up with a plan to handle the difficult conversation of getting a raise.  

And a plan is what you will need, including research. You will need a number to start with, which you can gain from doing a search on sites like Payscale or Glassdoor and talking to recruiters. Make sure it’s an exact number. Don’t round up – or down! – as it turns out an exact number will make you more likely to get it.  

Plan what you’re going to say and when, as well as making a one-sheet or “brag sheet” full of your accomplishments, awards, and customer/co-worker testimonies.  

There are much more detailed guides online but remember the number one thing: the key is confidence. So, whatever you need to do, be it affirmations in the bathroom mirror, meditating, or posing like Wonder Woman for a minute, do what you need to do to walk tall. 

Handle it Yourself – Holiday 

There is nothing wrong with eating in a restaurant by yourself, and by some extension, there’s even less wrong with going on holiday by yourself.  

Sometimes it’s even necessary. The kids can be a handful, the hubby wants to play golf while you want to culture binge, or you just need to have a little time to yourself. Whatever the case, buy that ticket.  

Don’t think about what people will think. Anyone on your journey isn’t likely to know you, and if you happen to make some friends, that’s all the better for all of you. The neighbor saw you get into a taxi with a suitcase alone? So? Let her spill her tea to the knitting circle. You’ll be back in a week, or month or so, to prove her wrong. Meanwhile, you’re doing whatever you want to do, without having to think about keeping the kids, husbands, girlfriends, happy.  

You will understand the true meaning of independence and gain a sense of self-worth that can be invaluable. So even if it’s just a weekend at a hotel in your city, it will be worth it.
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