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Green People Hair Care; We Love it

With hair salons now open, make sure you retain that just-been-to-the-salon style for longer with the help of Green People’s colour-lock Quinoa protein haircare collection. 

Thanks to Green People’s Quinoa & Artichoke shampoo and conditioner, hair can feel glossy and freshly-coloured for longer.

Despite being considered a grain (its name means ‘mother of grain’), quinoa is in fact closely related to leafy greens like spinach. This gluten-free ingredient is the only plant food that contains all 8 essential amino acids and is rich in essential fatty acids plus vitamins E and B, making it perfect for use in shampoo and conditioner. While our bodies can’t produce amino acids, they require a consistent supply of them to be able to synthesise the proteins that give skin and hair their strength and vitality. 

Boosts Shine

While all hair types will benefit from the protein-rich goodness of Quinoa, those with fine and coloured hair will benefit most. Quinoa’s properties help to lock colour onto the hair and limit fade by penetrating the hair cuticles. 

Protects & Nourishes

Quinoa consists of around 15% protein; the highest of any grain or seed found in the world. The Green People Quinoa and Artichoke Shampoo and Conditioner contains hydrolyzed protein extract from quinoa, which acts as a natural, gentle coating to protect and nourish each hair follicle from within. 


Quinoa naturally strengthens the hair while the amino acids repair damage and promote hair growth. 


Intense nourishment comes from the humectants present in quinoa which condition and hydrate the scalp. By forming a natural, invisible film over the hair, these humectants protect it from damaging environmental factors like pollution. Quinoa contains minerals including calcium, iron and phosphorus which seal moisture into the scalp, avoiding flaky skin and thus, keeping dandruff at bay.  

Green People Hair Care – Quinoa & Avocado Hair Serum 100ml – £11.00

Green People’s Quinoa & Avocado Styling Gel is a refreshingly natural and effective alternative to chemical based styling products. Multi-tasking Quinoa delivers body by coating each hair shaft, blow drying locks in volume for hair that looks thicker and fuller with added bounce. Working in synergy Irish Moss (a mineral rich seaweed), Quinoa protein and Xanthan gum create a unique natural gelling action which coats the hair to hold your style in place. Short on time? Styling Gel doubles as a leave-in conditioner; Avocado oil has powerful conditioning effects for high shine, gloss and softness and is rich in Antioxidants to reverse hair damage from external factors. Made with 96% certified organic ingredients.

Green People Hair Care – Quinoa & Artichoke Shampoo 200ml – £15.50/100ml – £10.00

Dull and lacklustre hair? Artichoke boasts deep cleansing properties to remove mineral deposits which could be causing dullness, revealing the natural high-shine beauty of your hair. Like a protective shield to the cuticles in the hair shaft, Artichoke leaves the hair’s surface flat and smooth, giving shiny, sleek and frizz-free locks. Looking for volume? Quinoa coats every shaft, delivering body for hair that looks thicker and fuller. Made with 81% certified organic ingredients.

Green People Hair Care – Quinoa & Artichoke Conditioner 200ml – £15.50/100ml – £10.00

Restore luxurious shine and vitality. Quinoa and Artichoke preserve the surface of the hair, leaving both natural and coloured hair with high-shine and brilliance. Studies on Quinoa protein see shine increase by over 50% after just 5 washes. Intensely conditioning; Quinoa protein also enhances the softness of your hair, making it more manageable and easier to style. Multi-tasking Artichoke leaf boasts high levels of antioxidant activity helping to repair damage from UV exposure. Made with 91% certified organic ingredients.

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