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Fun Street Style Trends For 2022 

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Students are often attracted to practical and versatile clothing that can be combined with many other things in a given season. This category includes sweatshirts, photos of which are found today in the most fashionable glossy and online publications.

And all because sweatshirts are really a mega-cool development of the fashion industry because such an element is suitable for students and the strength of this world, and the youngest fashionistas. 

The Trend of the New Season: Sweatshirt 

A sweatshirt is an independent T-shirt with sleeves, otherwise, it is a wide long sleeve. Its comfortable fabric is knitwear, ideal for everyday wear. There are no pockets and fasteners on it, there are models with and without a hood in stores. Until recently, hearing the name “sweatshirt”, many were confused, and what is a sweatshirt, and what to wear it. Today, fashionable sweatshirts 2022 have become a must-have for most students, so the fact that sweatshirts are a kind of metamorphosis of sweaters and shirts, resembling a hoodie, almost everyone knows.  

For several seasons in a row, a sweatshirt is a fashionable item of clothing. The name came from a combination of two English words: “sweater” and “shirt”. American businessman Benjamin Russell in the first half of the twentieth century founded the city of Alexander City (Alabama) underwear. And so, once, his son Benny, who played on the football team of his university, complained that he was hot and uncomfortable training in a wool sweater. As a result, Benjamin came up with a new option: he created a free-cut cotton shirt and named it a sweatshirt. It easily absorbed sweat and did not interfere with movement. But very soon, thanks to its convenience, sweatshirts ceased to be exclusively sportswear and became part of everyday clothing. 






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Shine Wisely 

This semi-sportswear is in fact quite ordinary, a wide celebrity brought her original images. Pictures of cartoon characters, various logos, and inscriptions, portraits of famous people, the work of today’s painters, and even world masterpieces of painting, all can be seen on the sweatshirt. Among fashionistas and lovers of active lifestyles are popular sweatshirts made of fine knitwear, models with sleeves to the middle of the palm, hoodies with different decor and prints, contrasting inserts, and pendants. They are made of dense knitwear (Polartec, insulated knitwear with pile, footer, fleece). Having one monochromatic sweatshirt in your wardrobe, and complementing it with various details, you can create an infinite number of new images. 


As the new season approaches, Joanne Elliot is already armed and ready. She studies trends and ideas all through the year to know about everything new and what is to come. As an experienced and respected writer, Joanne feels like she must share everything she finds interesting with her readers. 

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