Uses of Toilet Rolls

Essential Toilet Roll Hacks for Emergencies 

Friday 19th Jan 2024 |

This article aims to delve into innovative and practical hacks that transform this everyday item into a cornerstone of emergency solutions. 

In the realm of household essentials, the humble toilet roll stands as an unassuming yet vital component of our daily lives. Often overlooked until the moment of need, it’s imperative to acknowledge the multifaceted uses of toilet rolls, especially in emergencies. This article aims to delve into innovative and practical hacks that transform this everyday item into a cornerstone of emergency solutions. 

Transformative Uses of Toilet Rolls in Crisis Situations 

When faced with unexpected situations, the adaptability of toilet rolls is nothing short of remarkable. Here, we explore several ingenious methods to utilize toilet rolls, ensuring you’re prepared for any eventuality. 

  • Emergency Fire Starters: A toilet roll core, stuffed with dryer lint, can serve as an effective and quick-fire starter. This combination is particularly useful in outdoor settings or during power outages. 
  • Seedling Pots for Gardening: Embrace sustainability by converting empty toilet rolls into biodegradable pots for seedlings. Simply cut slits at one end, fold inwards to create a base, and fill with soil. It’s an eco-friendly start for your garden. 
  • Organising Cables and Wires: Keep your space clutter-free by using toilet rolls as organisers for tangled cables and wires. This not only simplifies storage but also aids in easy identification and access. 
  • Makeshift Torch: In the absence of a flashlight, a toilet roll can be turned into a temporary torch. Soak it in a flammable liquid and it’s ready to light up a dark space – a crucial hack in emergencies. 
  • Crafting Material: Toilet rolls serve as excellent materials for various crafts, especially for children. From binoculars to characters, the possibilities are endless, ensuring hours of creative fun. 

Health and Safety Precautions with Toilet Rolls 

While toilet rolls offer numerous emergencies uses, it’s critical to consider safety measures: 

  • Always supervise the use of fire, especially with makeshift items like toilet roll fire starters. 
  • When using as planting pots, ensure no mould is present on the roll to avoid harming the plant. 
  • Be cautious with flammable liquids and makeshift torches to prevent accidents. 

Maximising Storage and Accessibility of Toilet Rolls 

A key aspect of harnessing the full potential of toilet rolls in emergencies is efficient storage and accessibility: 

  • Strategic Storage: Store them in dry, accessible places to prevent damage and ensure they are handy when needed. 
  • Creative Dispensing Solutions: Consider innovative dispensers that not only save space but also add an aesthetic touch to your environment. 


Toilet rolls, beyond their basic utility, emerge as versatile allies in times of need. From igniting fires to organising spaces, their potential is limited only by one’s creativity. In emergencies, these hacks can prove to be not just convenient but lifesaving. 

Remember, preparation is key. By recognising the multifunctional nature of such commonplace items, we equip ourselves with knowledge that can significantly impact our response in unexpected situations.