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Essential Summer Serums – AMELIORATE, ESPA, and Perricone MD

Sunday 14th Apr 2024 |

As the weather warms up and seasons change, you might notice your skin needs a little more TLC than usual. Known to grow oiler over the warmer summer months, the combination of sebum, sweat, humidity, and product buildup on the skins surface can leave it blemish-prone, while time spent in the elements can cause it to feel dry and tight1.

Enter serums. Containing concentrated amounts of active ingredients, these typically thin-viscosity solutions should be applied onto freshly cleansed skin, formulated to hydrate and nourish the skin, while holding specialist properties. For example, the AMELIORATE Transforming Clarity Facial Serum is formulated with the brands unique LaB6 Skin Clearing Complex, while Perricone MD Vitamin C Ester Brightening Serum works to minimise the appearance of dark spots and discoloration while dramatically smoothing and resurfacing skin’s texture.

skin serums

AMELIORATE Transforming Facial Serum – RRP £33.00

Transform your face and décolletage with this hydrating and exfoliating serum, using the powers of our unique LaH6 Skin Hydration Complex and Probiotic Technology to deeply hydrate and enhance surface cell renewal to reveal moisturised, radiant-looking skin. Combined with our Alpha Hydroxy Therapy, this AHA face serum helps to dramatically improve the appearance of rough, dry skin. Use daily in the evening for skin that looks radiant and feels beautifully soft and smooth.

AMELIORATE Transforming Clarity Facial Serum, 30ml – RRP £28.00

Lightweight, high-performance anti-blemish serum supercharged with our unique blemish fighting LaB6 Skin Clearing Complex, help reduce the appearance of pores, discolouration and help remove excess sebum.

ESPA Optimal Skin Pro Serum  – RRP £55.00

If you are craving and intensely nourishing, glow-giving serum, this is the product for you. Supercharged with natural actives this daily serum will nurture and protect your skins natural moisture barrier to hydrate all skin types. 

Perricone MD Vitamin C Ester Brightening Serum – RRP £61.00 

This is a powerful, ultra-fine serum that instantly boosts radiance and over time minimises the appearance of dark spots and discoloration while dramatically smoothing and resurfacing skin’s texture. A more potent, highly stable and less abrasive form of antioxidant powerhouse vitamin C, Vitamin C Ester gives the appearance of collagen-rich skin by smoothing, brightening and minimizing the look of discoloration over time while Squalane works to hydrate and nourish surface cells.