Engel Ayurpura

Engel Ayurpura: A post-Easter Alpine detox

Wednesday 13th Mar 2024 |

After a surfeit of Easter eggs, a week’s detox may be just the ticket before heading to the beach. Engel Ayurpura (https://ayurpura.hotel-engel.com) is the only authentic Ayurveda retreat in the spectacular Italian Dolomites.

Contrary to popular belief, fasting does not mean starving. Ayurpura offers a choice between base fasting – a diet rich in fruit, salads, vegetables, seeds and nuts producing great results – or the liquid diet associated with a Burchinger fast which also delivers a positive outcome. The price for either seven-day fast is £625 (€730) per person; rooms are priced from £197 (€230) per night based on single occupancy, and from £210 (€245) based on double occupancy.

Each detox programme includes private consultations, an individually created nutrition plan, themed massages and baths, yoga sessions and the option to participate in a weekly activities itinerary. Those who base fast receive regular detoxifying liver wraps, and those on the Burchinger fast get phytotherapy and meditation sessions. On arrival, every guest receives a visitor’s pass for free use of public transport throughout the South Tirol.

Engel Ayurpura’s expert team is headed by Ayurveda physician Dr. Swami Nash Mishra, who adopts a personal approach starting in advance of arrival. On reservation the wellness concierge sets up a one-to-one phone conversation to agree goals and build the right programme. Ongoing Ayurpura Care support continues for a year after the date of departure. This provides up-to-the-minute information, news, tips, recipes and also includes two online private consultations with Dr Mishra. Commitment to guests aside, added touches set this boutique retreat apart. Silent Flower badges indicate a preference to be left alone without appearing rude.

Engel Ayurpura is easily accessible throughout the summer now SkyAlps has announced new twice-weekly return flights from Gatwick to Bolzano, set to launch on 17 April.

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