Energy Inducing Essential Oils For Your Workout

Wednesday 24th Jan 2024 |

So, whether you’re an exercise aficionado or starting the year on a health kick, you might be surprised to learn that essential oils can actually improve your workout performance. Ready to take your workout to the next level? Tisserand Aromatherapy’s energy indicing essential oils has you covered, pre- and post-workout with their Energy Boost and Muscle Ease aromatherapy blends.


The Tisserand Aromatherapy  Energy Boost blend is packed with lively citrus aromas – the perfect natural way to pep you up. The citrus fruit oils are extracted from the peel or rind of the fruit using a method called expression, in which the skin is pressed to release the oil. The Energy inducing essential oils collection is designed to revive and reinvigorate your mindset, making it perfect for your pre-workout ritual.

Orange –Citrus sinensis

The stand-out oil of the Energy Boost blend, orange is bright and refreshing with a wonderful, sweet smell. The aroma is synonymous with sunshine and vitality, so its fragrance will help lift your spirits; perfect to get you in the mood for a workout.

Lime –Citrus aurantifolia

Sweet, fresh and more mellow than lemon essential oil, lime is used to combat lethargy and low spirits and can support us when we feel fatigued.

Grapefruit –Citrus paradisi

Indicated as a euphoric oil to relieve feelings of apathy and emotional fatigue, grapefruit oil will undoubtedly give you a spring in your step.

Energy inducing essential oils

Energy Boost Pulse Point Rollerball – £9.00 (10ml)Help supercharge your energy levels with this compact rollerball – perfect for popping in your pocket to pep up your senses when you need it most.

Energy Boost MoodFix Mist – £12.50 (100ml)Revitalise your energy levels with a spritz of this naturally supercharged blend. Spray around your workout space to give your mind and body the boost it needs before a workout.

Energy Boost Massage & Body Oil – £13.50 (100ml)
fter a bath or shower, warm oil between your palms and massage into the skin with gentle sweeping movements. Just the awakening boost you need to put a spring in your step.


After a workout, essential oils can aid recovery and bring relief to tired, hardworking muscles. The Tisserand Aromatherapy Muscle Ease blend is designed to do just that. An excellent combination of zingy, warming essential oils developed to boost circulation and allow your body to recover quickly.

Ginger – zingiber officinale

The familiar aroma of Ginger is both warming and soothing and has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for centuries for digestive issues, aches, and pains. Applied to the body, it will bring warmth and comfort to tired muscles post-workout.

Rosemary – Rosmarinus officinalis

Rosemary is used extensively in western herbal medicine as a tonic for many conditions. Steam distilled from the leaves and young shoots of the herb, it brings a vibrancy to the blend with its uplifting and energising aroma.

Lemongrass – Cymbopogon citratus

Sharp and zesty, Lemongrass is a wonderful citrus addition to Muscle Ease. Its aromatic profile is bright and fresh and can enhance local circulation to relieve tired and achy muscles.

Energy inducing essential oils

Muscle Ease Massage & Body Oil – £13.50 (100ml)Designed to soothe and revive overworked bodies and joints, this massage and body oil is formulated with a skin-pampering base of Sesame and Jojoba. Rich in nourishing vitamins, antioxidants and Omega 6 and 9 fatty acids, it combines 100% natural pure essential oils of invigorating Ginger, refreshing Lemongrass and uplifting Rosemary to help support a tired body after an intense workout.

Muscle Ease Bath Oil – £14.00 (100ml)Soothe and revive tired, achy muscles and joints with this warming blend of 100% natural pure essential oils of invigorating Ginger, refreshing Lemongrass and uplifting Rosemary to help support a tired body and mind.  

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