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Embark on a transformative sound healing journey from your bed

sound healing

Online yoga platform, Movement For Modern Life has curated a new series of audio healing soundscapes, taking you on a therapeutic journey of physical and emotional discovery. The best part? All you need is a set of headphones, and you can experience these transformative resources anytime, anywhere downloaded via their mobile app.

Working alongside sound healing expert, Kirsty Norton, they have curated a series of sound healing audio recordings, using the application of different sound waves to bring you into a coherent state of balance and harmony. This helps calm the nervous system and bring you into a brainwave state that allows you to deeply relax and restore both your body and mind.

Each sound journey has been designed as a fully immersive experience, so you can become completely immersed in the sounds coming from all around when you’re wearing your headphones. The guided practices invite you to enter into a space of imagination where you may see, feel and discover new things, all of which are normal and natural. The experience can often take a couple of days to settle, so you can also relish in the afterglow of the practice.

Movement For Modern Life was founded almost 10 years ago by Kat Farrants with the mission to make world-class yoga, mindful movement, Pilates and meditation practices easily accessible for everyone. This new offering is an exciting step to make a practice, once limited by location, now openly available, so you can soak up the full effect of an immersive sound experience whenever you might need it most.

Sound healing classes can transport you and allow you to be truly nourished by beautiful, immersive sounds. They are incredibly transformative and also so accessible, as you can tune in from your garden or bedroom, whenever you need to heal and recover.” – Kat


Sound healing explained

When any matter vibrates it creates a wave of sound and this can affect the body physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Different sounds evoke very different responses and, in our noise, polluted world, many people struggle to find a relaxed state of being, which can lead to increased stress, heightened anxiety and poor sleep. Sound-healing audios can be a powerful, supportive tool for our busy modern lifestyles, enhancing the relaxation response of the nervous system to enable rest.

In the context of ‘sound healing’, the word ‘healing’ refers to coherence out of a state of dissonance. Working with sound healing enhances your own body and mind’s capacity to bring you back into a natural state of balance. Some people experience deep rest, better sleep and can feel more regulated immediately. Others will become activated on a more emotional level as the sounds smooth out any tension.

There are many instruments that can be used for sound healing, including voice, gong baths, harps, chimes, drums and crystal bowls but it’s not limited to these. You might have heard, or indeed be using binaural beats or Solfeggio Frequencies soundscapes to help you rest or get creative. Sound used in this way, with clear, positive intention brings peace and harmony to the brain and nervous system and the effects can be incredibly profound.

The four sound healing practices on offer


Discover the spaciousness that’s available within and around you and soak up the abundance that is already here and to remember the miracle of you. You will remember the abundance of what you are as you are guided into a rich and varied soundscape.

Letting Go

Enable yourself to let go of the day-to-day and drop into another realm of your consciousness, giving the active mind time to rest. This soundscape will take you on a journey to receive the bounty that awaits as you let go of tense muscles, a busy mind, or stress in the body.


Turn up the volume on what you are grateful for in life. This soundscape will tap into gratitude practices to bring up positive emotions and provide an uplifting experience, associated with several positive mental and physical health benefits.

Heart Coherence

Bring yourself from state of stress or overwhelm into a steady place of balance. This soundscape has the intention of returning us to the state of heart coherence and can also help to boost health and immunity.

Sleep Tonic

Invite rest with this soothing soundscape that invites in rest. Let the sound of rain and bowls land and ground you to feel cosy and ready to sleep.

More about Movement for Modern Life

MFML is a revolutionary online yoga platform offering unlimited access to a dynamic range of over 1500 classes, challenges and courses, alongside a supportive, down to earth community. Born in 2013, out of a need to bring world class teachers and high-quality classes conveniently into your own home. Breaking down the usual barriers to yoga practice to keep people moving, simply, with no need to worry about who you are, where you are or how you look.

Join the platform today to gain full access to the audio healing soundscapes, which launch on 21st June 2022. Subscription available at from £10.99/month for yearly subscriptions (billed £131.88/year) or £15.99/month, following a FREE 14-day trial.

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