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Elope In Style; The Perfect Wedding Day

Couples are rewriting the script on what it means to say “I do”. Over the past 12 months, searches for elopement weddings uk are up +83%elopement wedding packages uk increased by +85%, and intimate weddings uk have grown by +89%¹. This has highlighted a clear demand amongst couples for intimate weddings.

To find out what has motivated this trend, wedding decoration experts at Ginger Ray have conducted a survey of those engaged and in the midst of planning an elopement to see what their special day will look like.

Why are elopements becoming more popular?

Topping the list of factors driving couples towards intimate weddings is the quest to manage expenses. More than a third (32%) of respondents highlighted financial constraints as the primary factor influencing their decision to opt for a smaller celebration.

However, the urge to incorporate adventure and exploration into the occasion stood as the second most prevalent cause for eloping (31%). This underscores the burgeoning interest in unconventional travel among contemporary couples.

Additionally, a significant portion of respondents (30%) expressed that their desire for intimacy and privacy led them to create a wedding experience tailored to their personal connections. 

Brits’ preference for non-traditional weddings, is echoed by 28% of respondents who are choosing elopements purely to deviate from customary norms and expectations.

Perhaps most surprisingly, 29% of couples are choosing elopements purely for the aesthetics with couples preferring the type of content that you could take during this sort of wedding. Do it for the ‘gram!

Notably, the survey unearthed generational discrepancies in the motivations behind couples choosing elopements. For Gen Z couples, cost considerations (39%) and the allure of unique content take precedence. Meanwhile, Millennials are drawn to the prospects of adventure and travel, with 33% saying this shaped their desire to opt for intimate nuptials. Gen X pairs prioritise non-traditional ceremonies, mirroring their inclination towards individualism and self-expression.

Home turf celebrations were more popular than elopements on distant shores

Traditionally, eloping conjures up images of couples fleeing to exotic destinations to exchange vows in secret. Yet, Ginger Ray’s survey divulged that an overwhelming 77% of Brits are opting to wed within the picturesque landscapes of the UK, rather than venturing abroad. This indicates how keen people are to prioritise intimacy and connection in familiar surroundings but also to cut down on costs.

Location, location, location

When considering where to host their elopements or intimate weddings, Brits showed a preference for a diverse array of settings within the UK. Wales emerged as the top choice, followed closely by the bustling capital of London and then the picturesque landscapes of Scotland

Northern Ireland and the serene beauty of the Lake District and Cornwall also garnered significant attention. This highlights the rich array of options available to couples seeking the perfect backdrop for their elopement in the UK.

As for venue preferences, hotels (28%) emerged as the frontrunner, possibly owing to the convenience of hosting both the ceremony and reception under one roof. Town halls closely followed with 27% of couples considering this option, followed in third by the beach, favoured by more outdoorsy and optimistic pairs.

Top five venues for elopements

  1. Hotel 28%
  2. Town hall 27%
  3. Beach 26%
  4. Garden 24%
  5. Registry office 23%

With aesthetics being so important for couples planning their elopements. Ginger Ray asked wedding planning pairs what decorations they felt were most important at their intimate events.

Top 10 wedding decorations and accessories at elopements

  1. Fairy lights
  2. Garlands and foliage
  3. Guest book
  4. Photo props
  5. Bunting
  6. Cake topper
  7. Games 
  8. Place cards 
  9. Smoke bombs 
  10. Bridal pyjamas, dressing gown, slippers

Taking these preferences into consideration, Ginger Ray have created their very own elopement packages with everything couples need to decorate their elopement venue. With rustic and classic styles, there is a theme for every intimate wedding.

Shop Ginger Ray’s elopement decoration packages here: 

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