DoughBed by Sourhouse; A Bakers Dream

Saturday 25th May 2024 |

New tool from the US helps bakers consistently proof bread dough just right!

Kickstarter Campaign running 7th May till 31st May 2024….
Campaign approached £150k within first 24 hours and has earned the official Kickstarter Projects We Love award!

Meet DoughBed by Sourhouse. A brilliant new product which will answer that perennial question facing every home baker: is my dough properly proofed and ready to shape? The problem isn’t the dough, it’s the inconsistent temperatures in the kitchen which makes your bread baking a guessing game for home bakers and leads to inconsistent results.

Designed by a pair of sourdough bakers in the US, Erik Fabian and Jennifer Yoko Olson, DoughBed overcomes the problem of temperature fluctuations in the kitchen by providing just enough warmth to keep bread dough consistently in the ‘Goldilocks Zone’ of 24-28°C (75-82°F) during the most important stage of the baking: the first proof.

DoughBed can be used with shop-bought yeast as well as home-made starter and really is an all-in-one proofing solution!

It features:

is my dough proofed
Made mostly from cork and glass, DoughBed looks super-stylish too, providing an attractive and sustainable product any home baker would be proud to have on show!
  • warming mat made with cork to prevent heat loss on a cold counter-top
  • glass dough bowl in an oval shape inspired by traditional wooden dough bowls and unlike many other proofers which are on the market, transparent so you can keep your dough in sight while maintaining the perfect temperature
  • a cork lid which keeps the warmth in and DoughBed is so energy efficient (10W max) that it runs on an international USB plug

Kickstarter Campaign 7th-31st May 2024

Bakers were able to get first access to DoughBed at discounted prices via the DoughBed campaign page on Kickstarter which launched on 7th May and runs until 31st May 2024. It follows on the heels of Goldie by Sourhouse, the company’s inaugural product designed by Erik and Jennifer during lockdown and that solved another major sourdough challenge of keeping sourdough starters at a consistent temperature. 

is my dough proofed
Goldie by Sourhouse – its success resulted in the creation of a brand new category of sourdough starters, encouraging tens of thousands into sourdough baking.

Goldie was a Kickstarter hit, fully-funded in just three days in 2022, ultimately raising over $100k and selling thousands of units. The Goldie success resulted in the creation of a brand new category of sourdough starters, encouraging tens of thousands into sourdough baking. It is stocked in major US specialty retailers including Williams Sonoma.

Goldie is available to buy in the UK (approx. £130) through sites including Sous Chef, and The Sourdough Club as well as

DoughBed is estimated to be available January 2025.

The faces behind the product 

Sourhouse was founded by Erik, a home baker, and Jenny, an industrial designer. They envision a world where people gather daily to share homemade sourdough bread and other fermented foods. Believing more fermentation and more sharing is good for our health, our wallets, and our souls. Helping people bake more sourdough bread by creating thoughtfully designed baking tools and inviting people to bake more often. Thousands of bakers have joined them in this journey so far and continue to inspire more and more! Learn more about Sourhouse at

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