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Decorate your home happy; Positivity, happiness and wellbeing

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April is Stress Awareness Month. With us cooped up indoors for almost all of the last year, it’s easy to now look at your home as a hub of stressful situations.

The Lighting Superstore want you to get your good relationship with your beloved home back. Below are their top tips for decorating to reintroduce positivity, happiness and wellbeing into your soon to be safe haven.

Decorate your home happy – Create a wellbeing space

In the words of organisation goddess Marie Kondo, create a space in your home that ‘sparks joy’. Whether it’s in the living room, kitchen or your bedroom, ensure there is an area just for you that you can associate with calmness and serenity. 

Mark this area with interior flourishes that make you happy, like your favourite comfy cushion or a warm, welcoming blanket.

For those that find joy in activities more so than downtime, keep your favourite wellbeing items within reach, whether this be your favourite book, a yoga mat or a dedicated playlist.

Decorate your home happy – Declutter

Too much clutter can have a negative effect on your mental and physical health. Not only will the mass of unneeded stuff bring your mood down, it can also cause dust and mould which often trigger allergies and asthma.

Once you’ve cleaned and organised the space, it may still feel a little cramped. The ‘cantaloupe rule’ is a great method to make sure your home isn’t getting too full of unnecessary items.

To follow this interior rule, avoid buying trinkets for your home smaller than a cantaloupe melon. This will allow you to add a creative flourish to the space without it overwhelming you.

Decorate your home happy – Natural light keeps you naturally bright

Where you can, embrace your homes natural light. Exposure to a decent amount of vitamin D and serotonin has been linked to boost productivity, improve sleep and minimise depressive episodes.

Leave the curtains open and use mirrors to reflect the natural light from the windows around the room. Lighter colours will generally help lift the light of the room by giving it a surface to bounce off of. 

For those that aren’t so lucky to have a naturally well-lit home, plan a layered lighting scheme with lamps and dimmer switches where possible. As well as maximising daylight, it’s crucial to focus on minimising light at certain times of the day.

Low lighting will help your mind and body to unwind in the evening and try to keep screens and blue light tech out of the bedroom.

Decorate your home happy – Feng Shui 

In practice, this ancient theology is ensuring the dynamic of a space is just right. In the home, this could be the way your furniture is positioned and how this affects the mood of the room.

If you have a space in your house you don’t enjoy but can’t put your finger on why, try playing around with its setup before making any drastic changes – it might just be as simple as the way you’ve angled the sofa!

Feng Shui could be the quick fix to a positive and harmonic space, with the added bonus of spending no money at all.

Decorate your home happy – Bring the outside in

Indoor plants add so much to your home, without breaking the bank or taking up too much space. Scientists have declared plants can actually help you de-stress – even the potting soil has anti-depressive qualities from its ‘outdoorphins’.

Indoor horticulture can even improve the air quality of the room, so contributing to your physical health too – something we could all benefit from in the midst of the ongoing pandemic.

Aside from plants, earthy tones bring a calming ambiance into your living space. Dulux’s colour for 2021 ‘Brave Ground’ emulates this with its warm, natural shade – in a year when we need serenity and peace more than ever.

By Matthew Currington, Technical Director, The Lighting Superstore
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