The Presence Method

Daniel Kingsley launches The Presence Method 

Monday 27th Nov 2023 |

How learning to live in the ‘deep now’ brings us joy + happiness 

Get out of your head and into your body = transformed self-belief

Enter the ground-breaking Presence Method, highly relevant to help us live in modern times with ease.  By intelligently blending the core discipline of Deep Embodiment with Mindfulness, Yoga and Emotional agility, you can shift to a place of joy, stopping internal struggles that can block being present.  Instead, we can begin to live in the ‘deep now’.  

We often don’t need to change our situations to experience joy, says founder Daniel Kingsley but by simply changing our response to our situation.  This method helps our mindset make this important shift”

Whether you are looking to be a more confident and authentic speaker, leader, colleague or find the best version of you, The Presence Method is here to take you to that place. 

 The Presence Method

The Presence Method allows us to:

1. Learn how to manage emotions

2. Feel deeply comfortable in ourselves

3. Understand and manage our nerves and feel truly confident

4. Shift from feeling judged by those we are speaking to, to feeling connected to those we are speaking to

5. Shift our perspective from trying to make things happen to one of curiosity and seeing what needs to happen

6. Change our attitude from trying to succeed to an attitude of service – good for you, good for them, good or everyone

The core of this method is rooted in the transformational deep embodiment theory which focuses on paying attention to multiple sensory systems at once. This then naturally allows us to release our cognitive load, freeing up our mental hard drive which is a relief as we are often completely overloaded in the Western world. By re-learning how to authentically connect to our bodies and be more aware of our ‘incoming information stream’ we can come out of our ‘thinking mind’ and move into the ‘deep now’. This theory is enhanced by yoga and mindfulness using breath and body awareness to help manage emotions and promote a general sense of integration and wellbeing. 

Why is this important? The Presence Method helps usself-coach and begin to deeply understand how we are wired.  Self-intuition expands and big shifts occur. When we work with the mind and body simultaneously a natural sense of emotional safety emerges which is important as we then become more comfortable with ourselves.  

After the first large shift there is usually a second further shift. We are helping people end the internal struggle or war with their psychology. People can struggle with the voices in their head that tell them they do not belong or are not good enough. 

How do we find joy again? Most of what is getting in the way of us doing this is our psychology, our ego in particular. The good news is that if we use body awareness and an understanding of how these natural mental systems work, we can reduce, calm and manage the voices in our heads, so that we become more present and appreciative, allowing joy to naturally flow and occur.  Being present makes us happier full stop.

This innovative new method pays careful attention to cutting edge leadership, psychology, psychotherapy, and neurology breakthroughs to bring us powerful ways to make shifts that will transform how we connect with ourselves, others and ultimately lead our lives. It’s underpinned by a scientific understanding of how the brain works and allows us to get out of our minds and be more able to be fully present in our bodies. 

All informed by a brain science approach The Presence Method helps people understand themselves better and to understand the challenges we face are to some degree hard wired into us by evolution and by our physiology and neurology. Step into your most authentic self and feel more confidence, joy, and much-needed peace of mind.